A Good Secret Gone Bad

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“Secrets keep you sick.” I’ve heard that phrase a few times in treatment and it’s really stuck with me. It’s something I say a lot, to both myself and others, but up until recently I thought it only applied to “bad” secrets. Like, not telling people in my life about my depression kept me really sick for a long time. … Read More

ErinA Good Secret Gone Bad

Little Matchstick Girl

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Sometimes I write an upbeat blog post, not because that’s how I feel all the time, but because it’s how I feel for a moment. For a moment, the other day, I thought, “Hell yes, I’m rocking my unhappiness!” And then later, when I inevitably feel weak again, I can go back to my blog and read up on how … Read More

ErinLittle Matchstick Girl

How to Have a Good Cry & Cover it Up (If You Need to)

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Lately I’ve experimented with revealing my tear-stained face to friends and family as a way of being honest about my feelings. If people see that I’ve been crying, that tells a lot about my current state. But what if you don’t want people to know that you’ve been crying? What if the fear of people knowing you were crying keeps … Read More

ErinHow to Have a Good Cry & Cover it Up (If You Need to)

The Caffeine Queen

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I have a love-hate thing going on with caffeine. Actually, I love caffeine but I hate the crash that inevitably comes later on after it wears off. I’m sure you’ve experienced it, too. It’s usually sometime in the afternoon and suddenly you feel exhausted. Not necessarily sleepy, but sucked of all energy and sort of feeling like you’ve just been … Read More

ErinThe Caffeine Queen

Meds, Part One: An Overview

ErinMedication, Symptoms and Side-Effects2 Comments

I am a walking cocktail of medication and have been since I was diagnosed with depression. One by one pills have been added and subtracted to balance out my brain, some making me physically sick, some making me sleepy, some making me suicidal. Why put myself though all that? I do it because the alternative is worse. After years and … Read More

ErinMeds, Part One: An Overview

Fake It Till You Make It

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I am pretending that I don’t have a headache, that I haven’t been lying on the couch for over an hour with an ice pack on my head, cursing every living thing, pill, or cure that isn’t helping me feel better. I really don’t feel strong enough to write a blog post but sometimes that’s the best we can do. … Read More

ErinFake It Till You Make It