Sadness Builds Happiness

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Okay, new rule: sadness is just happiness in its infancy. I feel really grumpy tonight. I’m pouting, scowling, slouching, and making one killer grimace. I feel really angry about a lot of stuff. It feels like such a waste of time but I’m going to make it acceptable by believing it’s going turning into something better. Yes, the time has come to … Read More

ErinSadness Builds Happiness

A New Room in Depression Recovery

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I miss writing here. Forgive me for being quiet lately; I don’t feel like myself. Over a month ago, I wrote about deciding to go off my antidepressants to see if doing so could help my migraines. I’m playing a confusing game of cat and mouse, trading one pain for another. On one hand, I feel like I’m getting somewhere, … Read More

ErinA New Room in Depression Recovery

Pain is Present

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Migraines and depression go hand-in-hand. They often occur together, one starting the other. Migraines are also a result of severe trauma, physical or emotional or both. All of this pain I’m in with my migraines is reminding me of the immobility of depression, how stranded I felt, how abandoned by life. I am so fed up. I am in so … Read More

ErinPain is Present

We Are All Constantly Changing

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Lately my life feels so messy, like pieces of me are just spilling all over into places I never intended for them to go. I feel like I’m giving too much in places and not enough in others; I feel like my body is betraying my mind and that my mind is shattering into pieces. I’m crying more and sharing … Read More

ErinWe Are All Constantly Changing

Me in My Teen Years

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We’re about to hit the mid-mark of August and I know school is suddenly on everyone’s minds again. So, I was thinking of posting about what I was like as a teenager over the next few weeks. Because I have not always been as confident as I appear on this blog. No way. I hated myself in high school for not … Read More

ErinMe in My Teen Years

Art Show Inspiration

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My critical writer voice gets louder and harsher as the dates pile up between my entries on Daisies and Bruises. The less I write, the more ideas I have, and the more I reprimand myself for not writing. There are so many rules I’m learning about writing an effective blog, but sometimes I feel like the most important part of … Read More

ErinArt Show Inspiration

Macaroni: Spotted in Real Life

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It happened. Just like a dream, except real. The Universe delivered me a pearl of hope in my favourite sports car. No one has approached me since my recent post where I asked you to say hello if you saw me in public. The incentive for you to say hello was an offer of a free Daisies and Bruises button from … Read More

ErinMacaroni: Spotted in Real Life

Can it be Healthy to Hate Your Life Sometimes?

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On Monday I wrote about changing your negative self-talk so that instead of hating your life you can focus on the things you like about your life. And rephrasing your thinking is important, but since writing that post I’ve started to wonder if maybe sometimes it’s actually healthy to hate your life. After writing that post I sat on my … Read More

ErinCan it be Healthy to Hate Your Life Sometimes?

“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

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I am so miserable today! And I was yesterday too, and the day before that. I am in a serious rut. If this blog is brought to you by Erin (me), any period of silence on here is brought to you by anxiety and negative self talk. Listen to the messages I’ve told myself lately: “I hate my life.” “My … Read More

Erin“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

Planting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters

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The first time volunteered at mindyourmind office four years ago, involved me and some other volunteers playing the Reach Out game, where mental health questions are asked in a Jeopardy-style layout. I knew the answer to every single question but only contributed my voice to the discussion a few times. I left the mindyourmind office feeling so sad and self-loathing … Read More

ErinPlanting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters