Staying Alive in a Mad World

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I’m okay because I have to be, not because I feel that way.

I was close to crisis last week; I didn’t see a reason to go on. My self talk has been saying, “Erin, just shut the fuck up. Stay silent. Disappear. No one will miss you. No one will even notice you aren’t around. Disappearing is the only way to stay safe.”

But dying isn’t safe. Disappearing is equivalent to giving up power, and now is not the time to give up power. We need to be strong together.

The political environment in the US shook the world last week, I randomly almost had to sit on a jury, and everything was TOO FUCKING MUCH but then a beacon of hope arrived: a dear friend in another city offered me Amanda Palmer tickets. I felt reminded me that I’m not alone and that now is certainly not the time to give up.

So I ran and I pushed and here it is, November 15th and I’m still alive, though I have no fucking idea how I’m going to make it through the next few months, I have a really strong habit of keeping going. It’s a good habit to have.

We’re all scared. Even the people who look like they have their shit together really don’t but they are trying their best to do the right things, be strong and brave and be kind and patient.

I wish my mind were stronger right now. I wish I could see the world as “healthy” and “unhealthy” the way I did when I began this blog. But man, life is hard and sometimes the only way to cope is to let go of notions of sanity and insanity and just do your best and hope you land on your feet.

I miss you. I still love you. I have no idea what the fuck I am doing. I may swear too much and mess things up and try to disappear and then reappear. I definitely definitely use too many run on sentences.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for standing by me. It means the world. We have each other. No matter what we have each other.

How do you feel today? Do you feel like yourself? If not, can you love yourself anyway, or at least be patient with yourself? Give yourself credit for staying alive. Seriously, it’s an incredible feat.

Two posts in two days. Take that! I’m not disappearing, not ever.

Love Erin


ErinStaying Alive in a Mad World

Naming Your Feelings to Own Them

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I feel so sad. I feel so angry. I feel so hopeless. I feel broken and alone and fucking frightened. I feel tired. I feel frustrated. I feel confused. I feel forgotten. I feel lonely. I feel hungry. I feel exhausted.

I know the reasons behind these feelings. I could explain the reasons for the rest of my life. Some reasons overlap, some aren’t fair. Most aren’t fair.

Sometimes working out the reasons behind my feelings make me feel worse, though. I mean, if you’re feeling something you don’t want to feel, putting it under a microscope can be the last thing you want to do.

So don’t. Or give yourself a break from it for a day.

I feel so many horrible things and it’s allowed. No one has to fix it for me. No one can fix it for me. Just let me feel these things. I feel them and they’re real and pretending they aren’t is an injustice.

Comment below with how you’re feeling (or write your feelings somewhere else if online doesn’t feel like the best platform). See if you can do so without explaining your feelings. Just own them. See if naming your feelings helps those feelings change.

I am so fucking far from okay but that’s okay. We can handle it. Let’s handle it together.

Love Erin


ErinNaming Your Feelings to Own Them

Feeling Terrible: The Link between Physical and Mental Health

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Hi friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. Things literally got so bad that I had no resources for helping anyone. My mental health took such a dive that I was really scared of hospitalization or worse but years of surviving depression has taught me that as soon as really bleak self-harming thoughts appear, it’s an immediate red flag for me to start taking better care of myself.

In the past months I’ve completely lost my appetite, I can’t taste a thing, and my stomach feels like a fireball 24/7. I’ve been living off bananas and bread and yogurt and ginger tea and the random junk food binge (as a way to get some kind of flavour). I’m always exhausted.

The other day I just felt like I literally couldn’t live any longer and after a good pep talk from my therapist about taking better/any care of myself I went and bought some multivitamins and protein shakes. Needless to say, my energy levels became a lot better and that boosted my mental state. Now I feel like I have some ability to reach out into the world a little again and blog!

Just in case you missed that lesson, however, FOOD IS NECESSARY FOR COPING WELL. Food is literal energy and when you have no energy you simply can’t feel okay at all. I’m not saying a balanced diet is going to fix all your problems but man, it freaking helps more than we realize. When you go without something for a while, you can get so used to it being gone that you can forget what it’s like to have it until you get it back. Nutrition = better functioning Erin and a better functioning you. I promise!

Even with a little more energy though, I feel so discouraged. I can’t believe what a massive toll my physical health has done to my mental health in the last three years.  I’m just scrambling to hold my body together. It’s so hard to not be depressed when you’re physically sick all the time. I’m so tired of it.

I’m really losing hope but my therapist says that there’s still time for everything I want, I just need to hold on.

I may not know a lot about your individual struggles but I believe there’s hope for you too. Even if you can’t see beyond just surviving until tomorrow, that’s enough. All we have to do is stay alive and keep fighting for something better. It will come.

The only way it absolutely won’t get any better is if we give up. Suicide is not an option. If you have suicidal thoughts creep into your mind, it’s a big warning to yourself that you need to be nicer to you in any/every way you can. Talk your way through it. Tell other people you need support. Take a multivitamin, have a glass of water, take care of yourself physically and the mental part will follow.

We’re going to get through this!

Love Erin


ErinFeeling Terrible: The Link between Physical and Mental Health

Hello, Back to Save Myself

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Okay, I’m back, in a way. I’ve lost hope of this blog catapulting me into the life I’ve always dreamed of as a  paid writer, activist, blah blah blah. I have zero faith in the world anymore.

I’m sure that you’ve guessed that my time away from my blog has been really ugly. Turning away from writing is the worst thing I can do for myself. I didn’t intend to turn away from writing all things, but without you, my audience, I somehow thought there was no point in writing anything at all, ever again.

So why am I here? To save my own life. That’s all.

I have to talk myself up from this awful horrible pit I’m living in, but unless I’m at least pretending that someone  else in the world might hear what I have to say, I’m incapable of being kind because I hate myself so much. Does that make any sense?

I won’t let myself kill myself because of the other people I would hurt. I won’t let myself save myself unless I’m also trying to help other people. All I know is that it’s worked before so it can work again.

So I want to die, have no hope, hate everyone and everything. What now? Start small. It doesn’t matter that I’ve slept all day, only woken up to cry and drink Diet Coke and take my dog out. Fuck it, it’s 5pm and I can start out as if it’s 9am. I put on some upbeat music even though I’m not feeling it, not yet.

I put my dog in his crate, and make my bed. I cry and wallow and have a hard time doing this but I fight through it until it’s done.

Then I take a shower, slowly. I get dressed.

My next goals are to eat something healthy and try to go for a walk, even if it’s just behind my house for a few minutes.

Taking care of myself physically is all that matters right now. Screw making money, being a productive member of society, fighting for world peace.

I have to take care of myself. There is no other option, not a safe one. I can’t see beyond today. I can’t. That’s okay. I’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow.


ErinHello, Back to Save Myself

My Final Post on Daisies and Bruises

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This is an immensely difficult post for me to write. The time has come for me to say good-bye to Daisies and Bruises.

The recent break in to my apartment has changed my trust in the world in a way that will take a long time to heal. As a result of that incident, I no longer have the tools I once had to write this blog at the calibre it deserves.

I need to stop trying to save the world and save myself. I will always keep writing, but as I heal from this intrusion, fiction is where I feel safest.

As unjust as everything feels at the moment, I believe life is in the right. This will take me to places I am meant to go.

I pass the torch on to you. Five years ago, no one said to me, “Hey, you have what it takes to be a mental health blogger.” I just decided to go for it. The beauty of creativity is that it gives us the power to define ourselves.

This blog itself will remain live until the domain name runs out in just under a year. Maybe my past posts will still help someone in the meantime.

Thank you for all the love and support throughout the years. I feel very sad at this time, but I don’t believe this is a final good-bye. Our paths will cross again. Perhaps in a book store in a few years. You’ll wait in line to have me sign your book, or maybe it will be the other way around. Maybe you’ll recognize me and ask if I once wrote a blog, or if the word “macaroni” makes any sense to me. And I will give you the world’s biggest hug.

I miss you already, but I’m trusting in life. In the words of Miranda July,

“I feel brave when I take wild leaps into the unknown – it should be that I take wild leaps because I am brave, but no, I take them because I’m afraid, and then actually leaping makes me brave.”

If you want to follow my artistic life, check to see if I’m alive, or support me as an artist, you can (still) find me on Instagram as @scissorkix or view/purchase my art at I’ve created a lot of new magical things in the past little while and soon you will find them for sale in my Etsy shop.

I miss you and love you and wish you all the best in this unpredictably lovely world we live in.


Love Erin

ErinMy Final Post on Daisies and Bruises

Sadness Builds Happiness

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Okay, new rule: sadness is just happiness in its infancy.

I feel really grumpy tonight. I’m pouting, scowling, slouching, and making one killer grimace. I feel really angry about a lot of stuff. It feels like such a waste of time but I’m going to make it acceptable by believing it’s going turning into something better.

Yes, the time has come to make my own rules. Rules to live by, because living by other’s expectations and high standards and freaking resumes of qualifications are complete bullshit. I am done explaining myself to other people. I’m just going to be me and expect it to work out because I’m living my life and no one else’s.

And all this grouchy crap from the past few months, or the past fifteen years, or my whole goddamn life, it means something. It hasn’t been a waste of time. And all this nonsense time I feel like I’m pouring down the drain, trying to rebuild the productivity I had before all my stuff was stolen from my apartment, it isn’t a waste of time either.

I’m rebuilding my sandcastle to be stronger than before. It’s going to have higher walls and better security, but it’s going to have more windows and doors so I can have friends over and a breeze blowing through the room to dry the tears from my face.

All this sadness has just been happiness in the making. All along, every single moment of it. All this anger? It’s coals burning in the fire of my life.

I’m going to go cry now but my tears are watering daisies, I promise.

What rules do you want to live by?

Love Erin

ErinSadness Builds Happiness

Things Are Rough

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I am so stressed out I feel like I’m going to break and I feel like I’m not allowed to talk about half of what is burdening me so much. I certainly shouldn’t post about it on the internet. I feel bound and gagged.

What feels like the icing on the cake of awfulness is that Canada Post is about to go on strike, so I basically can’t run my Etsy shop because shipping is going to be delayed for weeks and weeks, most likely. I can’t survive on less money but I’m going to have to. My resume was stolen with my laptop. I can recreate it but UGHHH I can barely freaking check my email.

And I’m still in freaking withdrawal from cutting my Cymbalta back three months ago and then returning to my normal dosage two months ago. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. No doctor even believes me about this, because our bodies are “supposed” to reset after two weeks of a specific dosage of medication. I am still in pain head-to-toe, every minute of the day, nauseated, aching in my muscles and my nerves like I’m being struck by lightning.

Seriously, universe, I’m trying to love you but what the hell. Can you just ease up a little bit?I feel exhausted beyond what the world is requiring from me. I’m trying to remember there are daisies amongst the bruises or at least some pop up after the bruises have healed a little, but I feel like my bruises aren’t healing. I feel like my heel is caught in the trapdoor to hell.

I will get through this. I know it. Waiting is the hard part. Acceptance is the hard part. There are so many hard parts!!

I need to start writing fiction again because reality is just too much to take. Is anyone else afraid that letting go of reality will somehow make everything worse when you come back?

Oh, I’m not doing well but oh, I haven’t self-harmed. I’m not in the hospital or suicidal. These are good things. Getting caught up in self-destruction will not help anything. I’m in enough pain already.

If you’re struggling too, remember that there are lots of us in a similar place. I care about you, even if I’m not feeling much like a superhero these days.

Love Erin


ErinThings Are Rough

The Grinch Can’t Steal Our Hope

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Between the words of encouragement, to donations, to love pouring out at me from all angles since my last post, I feel like you have cushioned my fall. I still feel downright awful, but I am not alone because you are here. We are in this together.

What we have here is stronger than depression. It is stronger than loss. It is stronger than the minds of those who connive to pull the rugs out from beneath our feet, with the hopes that we’ll join them at the bottom, where cruelty and hopelessness thrive. They can try to keep us down, but they can’t keep us there.

Someone stole my laptop, my work, my art, my music, my photos, a piece of my soul, but they couldn’t take my heart. They may have put a crack in this beating entity in my ribcage, but they can’t extinguish its essence.

At the end of Dr. Seuss’s “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” the Grinch, as narrator, stands dressed as Santa and peers at his dog as he contemplates how he could not steal Christmas, despite stealing all the presents.

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” 

The person who broke into my apartment and stole my belongings, they can’t knock me down. They can’t steal the magic of this blog, no matter how hard they try. Because you can’t steal love. You have to create it, earn it, participate in it, and nourish it.

It will still be some time before I have my blog posts at the calibre they were at before the break in and the loss of my sweet dog Milo, but formatting and photos and other flashy things aside, I think we – you and I, as a team – have come out stronger.

Every event in our lives, no matter how horrible, has effects on us that we cannot predict. These effects come in thousands of ways. Some are good effects – daisies – and some are bad – bruises – and some are in between the two. It’s the grey area in between the good and bad where magic happens.

It feels like the whole world is experiencing a crisis at the moment. There are a lot of horrible things in the news that are hurting us all.

I want you to remember this: we may feel like we’re breaking, we may crack, we may fall, but these horrible events will not break us in an irreparable way. Not if we have the smallest inkling of hope. If we have a teensy tiny inkling of hope and we hold onto it, it will grow stronger. We will grow stronger. We will get through this.

I need you to get through this with me, because I love you and you make me stronger. You are my inkling of hope. When life is dark, I hope I can shine hope back at you, and together we’ll light each other’s way.


Love Erin



ErinThe Grinch Can’t Steal Our Hope

My Heart Broken and Entered

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I need to tell you what happened. It’s part of healing, telling your story. This story is hard to tell.

I’ve had two major blows to my heart in the last month. First, my family dog, Milo, suddenly died. When my dad called me to tell me, I screamed and pounded the walls, dove onto my bed and wailed, “WHY!?!?” until I was hoarse. I raised Milo. He was only ten. He had a heart attack.

Barely a week later, someone broke into my apartment and stole all of my belongings with any monetary value. Worst of all, they took my laptop and my external hard drive. In doing so, they took my whole art portfolio, all my saved writing, fifteen years worth of music, all my photos (including those of Milo), my Etsy shop files…everything.

The things stolen were more than material possessions to me. They were part of my story, the story that makes up my identity, my heart, my soul. I bought that laptop to give me something to hang on to when all I wanted was to end my life. It was a symbol of my commitment to keeping going. It was my anchor.

Since the break-in, I’ve obviously been impeded from posting, but I’ve also been too scared to write here. I feel so violated and traumatized. My apartment does not feel safe. My appetite is gone, I can’t sleep, all of my symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are front and centre again. I spend a lot of time snuggling one of Milo’s blankets and crying.

I’m still in withdrawal from decreasing my antidepressant, even though I’ve been back on my original dosage for almost a month now. My muscles still ache constantly, head-to-toe.

I will recover from these things. I will adapt and maybe even grow, but for now, in these early days, I am really struggling. Feeling safe again is going to take time.

I could really use your help right now, whether it’s some supportive words in a comment, a few dollars in my hat (you can find my donation link at the bottom of my sidebar), or just some positive energy sent out into the universe.

No matter what I will keep writing. My posts may be down to the bare-bones with imagery and whatnot for a bit but I know it’s the words that matter most. Our connection matters most. Thank you for bearing this with me.

Love Erin



ErinMy Heart Broken and Entered

Silence Is Still Strength

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Silence Is Still StrengthWhen we are silent, we are still strong. Even when we feel like a cup not even half-empty, but tipped over, spilled across the floor, kicked, stepped on, cracked and forever broken, we’re still strong.

You have a track record of making it through every single day up to today. No matter what choices you made, what mistakes happened, what shit was thrown your way, you’re still here. That counts in a way that nothing else compares to.

After my last post, Antidepressant Withdrawal Hell, I reached my limit of tolerating my body’s symptoms. I’d lost feeling in my arms, words were getting mixed up in my head, and I felt like I was being hit by lightning constantly. I curled up on the couch and cried for days. I couldn’t go on.

Feeling like a failure, I decided to increase my Cymbalta back to the dosage I’d been at. Doing that made things worse, at first. It’s been two weeks since I went back to my previous Cymbalta dosage and I’m still in withdrawal. Full-body aches, 24/7, nausea, shaking, oh my God. The pharmacist said it’s extremely rare for anyone to be as sensitive to medication as I am.

It’s taken all my energy just to keep breathing. My symptoms are turning around, very very slowly. At this rate, in another two weeks, I’ll feel more or less normal again, withdrawal wise. That’s okay. However long it takes, I can do this. It may be slow, it may hurt like hell, but I will survive. I have a great track record. One day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time.

I have a lot to share with you about this but I’m not ready to yet. I have to get through these symptoms to be able to think well enough again to have any insight on what I’ve learned in the past month and a half.

If you feel spilled and broken and so mixed up you can’t even talk about what you’re going through, it doesn’t mean you’re not strong. It means it’s taking all your strength just to hold on, and holding on is the most important job we have. No matter what, you are winning this battle.


ErinSilence Is Still Strength