Self-Care Adds Up!

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If you’re walking down the sidewalk and you see a dollar, what do you do? You pick it up! Is it going to buy you a meal? Nope. Is it going to buy you car? No way. A trip around the world? Hell no. But it counts. You know a dollar counts, you know that by saving up your dollars … Read More

ErinSelf-Care Adds Up!

Halloween Trauma Triggers

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I am proud to say that readers from around the world visit and subscribe to Daisies and Bruises. Mental health is a universal issue, so I’m hoping even a few advanced alien species pick up on my site now and then. So if you’re reading from somewhere that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, here’s a link to explain the traditions and celebrations … Read More

ErinHalloween Trauma Triggers

Little Matchstick Girl

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Sometimes I write an upbeat blog post, not because that’s how I feel all the time, but because it’s how I feel for a moment. For a moment, the other day, I thought, “Hell yes, I’m rocking my unhappiness!” And then later, when I inevitably feel weak again, I can go back to my blog and read up on how … Read More

ErinLittle Matchstick Girl

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

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I’m finally ready to write about this. You know how I’ve talked about there being an infinite amount of rock bottoms, at least in my life? During my last hospital stay, I ended up in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for the first time in my twelve years of being in London Ontario’s mental health care system. To back up … Read More

ErinPsychiatric Intensive Care Unit

You Aren’t Alone

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From the age of eleven I felt depression weighing me down every day, but it wasn’t diagnosed until I was sixteen. Why? I thought it was normal to feel that way. I’d always felt sad as a kid but I could live with it. Then when I got into my double digits it became a lot bigger because people in … Read More

ErinYou Aren’t Alone

The Carousel

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I forget if I’ve told you that I live next door to a daycare for preschool-aged children. They play in the yard between my building and theirs, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to catch some of their conversations. As I was stepping off my porch this morning I saw a girl in a pink snow suit sort of lounging by … Read More

ErinThe Carousel

Awakening Truth

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Although there are several titles I have saved up in my head that I would like to purchase, instead I bought a young adult novel today at Chapters called The Whole Truth. I came across the title on, the silhouette and bold colours catching my eye. Then of course, I saw Kit Pearson as the author and it was … Read More

ErinAwakening Truth

Glue for the Soul

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There is something calming in creating something myself. I make buttons and hair clips, I embroider and decoupage. I paint and art journal and customize everything. I took art in high school but always felt stifled with the amount of rules that were enforced. I never connected with art until I let myself create freely. Collages were my first medium. … Read More

ErinGlue for the Soul

Fake It Till You Make It

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I am pretending that I don’t have a headache, that I haven’t been lying on the couch for over an hour with an ice pack on my head, cursing every living thing, pill, or cure that isn’t helping me feel better. I really don’t feel strong enough to write a blog post but sometimes that’s the best we can do. … Read More

ErinFake It Till You Make It