Sadness Builds Happiness

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Okay, new rule: sadness is just happiness in its infancy. I feel really grumpy tonight. I’m pouting, scowling, slouching, and making one killer grimace. I feel really angry about a lot of stuff. It feels like such a waste of time but I’m going to make it acceptable by believing it’s going turning into something better. Yes, the time has come to … Read More

ErinSadness Builds Happiness

My Heart Broken and Entered

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I need to tell you what happened. It’s part of healing, telling your story. This story is hard to tell. I’ve had two major blows to my heart in the last month. First, my family dog, Milo, suddenly died. When my dad called me to tell me, I screamed and pounded the walls, dove onto my bed and wailed, “WHY!?!?” … Read More

ErinMy Heart Broken and Entered

April Fools’ Fun

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I’ve had the most ridiculous day. I was out of coffee this morning; I messed up the scheduling for two appointments; my little sister pranked me, telling me we were having a last minute extended family lunch and I totally fell for it; and then I had a giant crying spell around 4pm, for the fourth day in a row. Then … Read More

ErinApril Fools’ Fun

Anemia: Part Two

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I feel like a deflated balloon on the bottom of a heap of garbage. This anemia problem is really getting old. I felt better for a short time after taking iron supplements. After a few weeks, however, my stomach couldn’t handle so much burning each time I took an iron pill. My indigestion became so bad that I couldn’t even … Read More

ErinAnemia: Part Two

Planting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters

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The first time volunteered at mindyourmind office four years ago, involved me and some other volunteers playing the Reach Out game, where mental health questions are asked in a Jeopardy-style layout. I knew the answer to every single question but only contributed my voice to the discussion a few times. I left the mindyourmind office feeling so sad and self-loathing … Read More

ErinPlanting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters

Systems Improvement Through Service Collaboratives: My Two-Day Conference Experience

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I just returned home from a whirlwind trip into Toronto to attend the Centre of Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH)’s knowledge exchange event on Systems Improvement Through Service Collaboratives (SISC). In other words, it was a two-day conference with the biggest and most influential mental health heroes from Ontario, and I was invited as a volunteer to share my story … Read More

ErinSystems Improvement Through Service Collaboratives: My Two-Day Conference Experience

Bell Let’s Talk: Mental Illness is Different for Everyone

ErinStigma4 Comments

It’s taken me an incredibly long time to tell my story and speak up about mental illness. Whenever the media catches wind of mental health concerns, I remember how bitter I used to feel when I saw and heard other people could sharing their personal stories. For sixteen years of my life, I hadn’t known that the pain I felt … Read More

ErinBell Let’s Talk: Mental Illness is Different for Everyone

Anemia and Depression

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Shortly before Christmas I felt so depressed that I knew it was time to talk to my family doctor about it. Looking for a new psychiatrist after my last one left his practice due to illness was still not turning up any leads, and despite all my efforts to cope better, my extra debilitating depression just wasn’t shifting. I’ve barely … Read More

ErinAnemia and Depression

Dear Younger Self: We Have Two Lives

ErinLetter To My Younger Self13 Comments

Dear younger self, I am learning that there are two lives we have to work with. The first one is the one we sculpt from the moment we learn to talk, the life we plan to have. Mine was incredible: My plan was to have a book published by the age of fourteen (which I later bumped up to twenty-one). … Read More

ErinDear Younger Self: We Have Two Lives

What “Good Things?”

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I have a headache big enough to wipe out my entire block. It’s been here all week, but the last two days have resulted in excruciating pain. My eyeballs hurt, my teeth hurt. I’m rotating ice packs so that there’s always a cold one ready when this one thaws out. My “Good Things” jar mocks me from my counter top. … Read More

ErinWhat “Good Things?”