When You Grow Up Your Heart Dies, So Fuck It

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On the first day of Grade Nine, I started high school with drama class, only we didn’t talk about drama. First, we talked about this student from a few years ago who killed himself in his first year of high school. Because of his death, our school started The Breakfast Club. With a clear reference to the legendary movie, The … Read More

ErinWhen You Grow Up Your Heart Dies, So Fuck It

Welcome New Readers and a Giveaway For You

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HI NEW READERS!!! Today a teacher showed her Grade Twelve class one of my depression videos on HealthiNation and the class voted unanimously to watch the other four videos. That’s the biggest compliment to me in the whole world because that’s exactly who I’m writing for. I struggled with my depression the most during my high school years. I felt … Read More

ErinWelcome New Readers and a Giveaway For You

I Survived High School With Depression

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I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that school is starting soon for a lot of you. Surviving depression is almost as hard as surviving high school, and doing both at once requires what can feel like superhuman strength. With your upcoming school days in mind,  I went through a box of photos at my parents’ house last week, … Read More

ErinI Survived High School With Depression

Me in My Teen Years

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We’re about to hit the mid-mark of August and I know school is suddenly on everyone’s minds again. So, I was thinking of posting about what I was like as a teenager over the next few weeks. Because I have not always been as confident as I appear on this blog. No way. I hated myself in high school for not … Read More

ErinMe in My Teen Years

School Woes Continued

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On my walk home from the grocery store tonight I saw an orange Toyota with a British Columbia license plate. Whenever I see a plate from BC I silently wail, “Why did you come here?!” It’s my dream to escape out to BC and go to school at the University of British Columbia. It has the best writing program in … Read More

ErinSchool Woes Continued

Making Your Own Luck

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A few months ago I stood on a high school auditorium stage and announced that when I was in high school, I was too scared to go into the cafeteria because of all the students that would be staring at me. I briefly realized that I was standing in front of twice as many students (which is pretty awesome) but … Read More

ErinMaking Your Own Luck