Planting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters

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The first time volunteered at mindyourmind office four years ago, involved me and some other volunteers playing the Reach Out game, where mental health questions are asked in a Jeopardy-style layout. I knew the answer to every single question but only contributed my voice to the discussion a few times. I left the mindyourmind office feeling so sad and self-loathing … Read More

ErinPlanting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters

Systems Improvement Through Service Collaboratives: My Two-Day Conference Experience

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I just returned home from a whirlwind trip into Toronto to attend the Centre of Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH)’s knowledge exchange event on Systems Improvement Through Service Collaboratives (SISC). In other words, it was a two-day conference with the biggest and most influential mental health heroes from Ontario, and I was invited as a volunteer to share my story … Read More

ErinSystems Improvement Through Service Collaboratives: My Two-Day Conference Experience

Future Fears

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In these past few years, my Facebook feed has slowly become not about my friends’ lives, but the lives of their children. I used to do a double-take when a friend’s profile pic showed them suddenly thirty years younger than they were the day before, but now I sigh and say, “Another baby.” What’s really weird is when you are … Read More

ErinFuture Fears

Defining ‘The Art of Living With Depression’

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Since writing my Good Things Jar post with my video tutorial, I’ve been thinking about art and its connection to this blog. Before I started Daisies and Bruises, I knew I wanted to write about art and depression, because they are two things I’m passionate about. Art has been a key instrument in my battle with depression, and I wanted … Read More

ErinDefining ‘The Art of Living With Depression’

Dear Younger Self: We Have Two Lives

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Dear younger self, I am learning that there are two lives we have to work with. The first one is the one we sculpt from the moment we learn to talk, the life we plan to have. Mine was incredible: My plan was to have a book published by the age of fourteen (which I later bumped up to twenty-one). … Read More

ErinDear Younger Self: We Have Two Lives

What “Good Things?”

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I have a headache big enough to wipe out my entire block. It’s been here all week, but the last two days have resulted in excruciating pain. My eyeballs hurt, my teeth hurt. I’m rotating ice packs so that there’s always a cold one ready when this one thaws out. My “Good Things” jar mocks me from my counter top. … Read More

ErinWhat “Good Things?”

A “Good Things” Jar for 2014

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Last January I saw a project on Pinterest that involved making a jar to hold good memories for the year. From January 1st to December 31st, you were supposed to write down good things on pieces of paper, fold them up and stick them in the jar, so that on New Years Eve, you could look back on all the … Read More

ErinA “Good Things” Jar for 2014

2014: The Year of Daisies and Bruises

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My sister says that however you spend your New Year’s Eve determines how the rest of the year will go. I don’t know if it’s a result of high expectations, but I usually have a terrible time on New Year’s. This year I’ve opted to stay in and devote my evening to my one hope, goal, and mission for 2014: … Read More

Erin2014: The Year of Daisies and Bruises

A Good Secret Gone Bad

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“Secrets keep you sick.” I’ve heard that phrase a few times in treatment and it’s really stuck with me. It’s something I say a lot, to both myself and others, but up until recently I thought it only applied to “bad” secrets. Like, not telling people in my life about my depression kept me really sick for a long time. … Read More

ErinA Good Secret Gone Bad

Crafting a Life

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It’s become a sort of tradition in the past two years, how the night before every craft show I end up bleeding profusely or driving to the pharmacy at 11pm to buy ointment for some accidental burn. This time it was a nosebleed, procured after sobbing intensely on my paper-littered floor for a good twenty minutes. I’d lost three out … Read More

ErinCrafting a Life