Bell Let’s Talk: Mental Illness is Different for Everyone

ErinStigma4 Comments

It’s taken me an incredibly long time to tell my story and speak up about mental illness. Whenever the media catches wind of mental health concerns, I remember how bitter I used to feel when I saw and heard other people could sharing their personal stories. For sixteen years of my life, I hadn’t known that the pain I felt … Read More

ErinBell Let’s Talk: Mental Illness is Different for Everyone

What Does Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Feel Like?

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What does it feel like to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD)? This is what it feels like for me on a bad day: It’s never ever feeling safe. It’s never taking a full breath of air in your lungs. It’s the feeling of walking barefoot over glass, except the feeling is all over your body every time you leave … Read More

ErinWhat Does Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Feel Like?

Little Matchstick Girl

ErinSurvival7 Comments

Sometimes I write an upbeat blog post, not because that’s how I feel all the time, but because it’s how I feel for a moment. For a moment, the other day, I thought, “Hell yes, I’m rocking my unhappiness!” And then later, when I inevitably feel weak again, I can go back to my blog and read up on how … Read More

ErinLittle Matchstick Girl

Thanks, Mr. Publisher

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This post is part two of my story detailing just what happened when I met with a book publisher this week. Read part one here! To recap, a publisher out of Toronto approached me at the Indie Media Fair three weeks ago and offered me a book deal. This Wednesday my dad and my sister drove with me to Toronto … Read More

ErinThanks, Mr. Publisher

The Pulse of Impulsivity

ErinMy Art7 Comments

Even for a blog about depression, my posts have been fucking depressing lately. Talks of suicide, crisis, not finding support when I need it. Yeah, things have sucked lately. I even had to perform a half-ass dead squirrel memorial service this week! Yes, it involved a shovel.  (Erin fun-fact #135: squirrels are the best animals in the world after cats … Read More

ErinThe Pulse of Impulsivity

My Mask Removed

ErinHindsight5 Comments

I haven’t been looking at the Daisies and Bruises reader statistics for a while. I’ve been feeling too rushed, too tired, and unworthy. My inner self-talk has said, “I’m so lucky to have the few readers that I have. I’d better not even look at the numbers so I don’t get depressed, because my writing isn’t good. Let’s get this … Read More

ErinMy Mask Removed

Making New Memories

Erinmemory, Monday Theme7 Comments

My trip away to attend my cousin’s wedding and visit my longtime friend in Salem, Massachusetts was amazing. Simply amazing. So great that in coming home I felt liberated, having witnessed true happiness and seeing so many new things. The world felt fresh and I spent my plane ride home making plans on how I could change my life for … Read More

ErinMaking New Memories

8 Steps to Being More Social

ErinRelationships4 Comments

Just because I get anxious around people it doesn’t mean that I can magically get by without connecting with others, though I often wish I could. Human beings are social animals, and although I feel like a freak a lot, I think I am human. I think you  might be too! I’ve been way more social than usual lately and … Read More

Erin8 Steps to Being More Social

Surviving My Invisible Illness

ErinDay-to-Day Life16 Comments

A lot of people use their blog as a place to vent about their life.  I try not to use this blog like that because I want to spread knowledge, share tools, and give people hope. I don’t feel able to do that right now, though, so here’s a bit about what’s going on for me in a less-than-uplifting sense: … Read More

ErinSurviving My Invisible Illness

A Sign for My Window

ErinDay-to-Day Life6 Comments

Life feels dark and directionless today. The weather can’t be helping, cold and blowing, rain hissing down from the sky. I feel like a sitting duck, waiting for disaster, which I know is ridiculous. I create my life. Mental illness affects it but I can choose positive thinking to get myself through today. But it’s hard with the sky so … Read More

ErinA Sign for My Window