Meeting George Stroumboulopoulos: Part Two

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In case you missed Meeting George Stroumboulopoulos: Part One, I was invited along to the mindyourmind interview with the Canadian radio/tv star George Stroumboulopoulos on Friday, but I almost didn’t go. I was having a bad day and felt like staying at home and hiding from the world. Instead, I just made myself go because you can’t have great experiences if … Read More

ErinMeeting George Stroumboulopoulos: Part Two

Meeting George Stroumboulopoulos: Part One

ErinLocal Events

This time Friday morning I was bawling. I’d decided to try writing morning pages, after picking up Julia Cameron’s legendary book, The Artist’s Way. In short, free writing three pages every morning is supposed to clear your mind of your self-criticism and open your mind to its creative channels. So I did that yesterday, and somehow all the positive feelings … Read More

ErinMeeting George Stroumboulopoulos: Part One

Young Health Program Launch

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Yesterday I participated in AstraZeneca’s Young Health Program Launch at mindyourmind from a unique perspective. My friend Amanda and I were the greeters, sitting at a table just inside the door armed with carefully prepared lanyards of awesomeness, multicoloured sharpies, and parking vouchers. Each person that came through the door was given the 411 about the lanyard (it had a … Read More

ErinYoung Health Program Launch

Me and mindyourmind

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I am writing today’s post from the office, my old workplace. I’m back as a volunteer for a few hours a week because I love the staff here and the work that mindyourmind does. We joke that mindyourmind is like the mob – once you’re in you can’t leave! It was an extremely hard decision for me to leave … Read More

ErinMe and mindyourmind