Treatment Takes Time & Communication

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Three weeks ago I told my therapist that I needed to be challenged more in our sessions. I felt bored, restless, and impatient with my therapy. Wasn’t I better by now? “Challenged?” she asked. “I think you’ve had more than a lifetime’s worth of challenges, Erin.” She had a point; I also felt like she was missing the point. “I’m … Read More

ErinTreatment Takes Time & Communication

Invited to Share My Story

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Yesterday was a day of firsts! I spoke at the London Distress Centre‘s Annual General Meeting, where I told “my story,” which I have not done before. I put “my story”  in quotation marks because it was not even quarter of my story, really, but it’s impossible to accurately represent my life in fifteen minutes to a room full of … Read More

ErinInvited to Share My Story

Coping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation

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I should have written about therapists going on vacation at the beginning of the summer so this post could be more helpful, but my therapist’s vacation is starting today and so it only crossed my mind to write about now. It’s fair to say that I always have a hard time when my therapist goes away on vacation. It used … Read More

ErinCoping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation

A Plea to Doctors and Patients

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I just turned off a rerun of House on tv and it got me thinking about the dramas we watch on tv, especially the medical dramas. Why do we watch these shows? The storylines are interesting, love between characters ups the ante, but every episode of medical dramas tend to include a stranger being helped. This stranger goes to the … Read More

ErinA Plea to Doctors and Patients