Hello, I’m Here

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I’m here! This feels like a miracle. I’ve been struggling a lot to function at a bare minimum. About four days ago my Internet died at home and I’ve been too depressed to do anything about it. But tonight, finally, I dragged myself to Tim Hortons and connected to their Wi-Fi and now I am blogging. YES! I know I’m … Read More

ErinHello, I’m Here

Making Wishes to Fight Depression

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Sometimes all treatments for depression have their limits. Even when we’re doing all the things we can like exercising, eating well, taking our medication, going to therapy, hanging out with our pets, and doing self-care, we can still feel depressed and stuck. Lately, I’ve felt depressed and stuck and really fucking sick of winter. Honestly, why does winter start with … Read More

ErinMaking Wishes to Fight Depression

Blogging for HealthyPlace.com

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Daisies and Bruises will always be my home, but I have a new hangout on the Internet: HealthyPlace.com! I am their new author of the Coping With Depression Blog, alongside Liana Scott, another warrior in the battle of depression. I am so excited to be a part of HealthyPlace, because not only do they provide information on mental illnesses, they … Read More

ErinBlogging for HealthyPlace.com

Ned Vizzini: Suicide Ends the Story

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Ned Vizzini, the author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story, died by suicide on Thursday. I just found out and burst into tears. He wrote other things which are of importance, too, but most of us know his name from his memoir turned Hollywood movie, starring Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, and Viola Davis. It’s Kind of a … Read More

ErinNed Vizzini: Suicide Ends the Story

A Good Secret Gone Bad

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“Secrets keep you sick.” I’ve heard that phrase a few times in treatment and it’s really stuck with me. It’s something I say a lot, to both myself and others, but up until recently I thought it only applied to “bad” secrets. Like, not telling people in my life about my depression kept me really sick for a long time. … Read More

ErinA Good Secret Gone Bad

I Wrote a New Zine & So Did Digby!

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Is anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed right now? I think we all are. There is so much to stress about during the holiday season and it’s really affecting me. A lot of people this time of year buy presents for their friends and loved ones, but if you don’t have much money, it can be hard to know what … Read More

ErinI Wrote a New Zine & So Did Digby!

Why I Cannot Give Personal Advice Over Email

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I WANT TO HELP YOU. Every single one of you. I want to help every person on the planet because every person on the planet deserves help. And this world, it’s a giant ball of pain. And I am so fortunate. I’ve had access to many forms of mental health treatment. I’ve always had a doctor (if not the best … Read More

ErinWhy I Cannot Give Personal Advice Over Email

Expression Kills Depression

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I am so unbelievably depressed. I feel like the gum permanently glued to the sidewalk by its own inability to move itself. The sun burned my colour away as thousands slowly stepped on me one at a time, each person cursing less than the last. Eventually I mark not a shoe. I want to shake myself, if only I had … Read More

ErinExpression Kills Depression

Consequences of Cutting: Why My “Coping” Method Backfired

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Most people find my blog through searching about hurting themselves and it’s time I spoke more about my self-injury history.¬†Although I dislike the terms “cutting” and “cutter,” I use them in this post for clarification and because those are such big terms used in internet searches and the media. Please stay safe and take care of yourself while reading this … Read More

ErinConsequences of Cutting: Why My “Coping” Method Backfired

Speaking Up

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It’s hard to follow up a post like my last one. Although I don’t regret sharing my experience in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit with you, I still wonder about it being on the internet for the whole world to see. Although I believe there are people out there in the community who do not stigmatize mental illness, I know … Read More

ErinSpeaking Up