Treatment Takes Time & Communication

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Three weeks ago I told my therapist that I needed to be challenged more in our sessions. I felt bored, restless, and impatient with my therapy. Wasn’t I better by now? “Challenged?” she asked. “I think you’ve had more than a lifetime’s worth of challenges, Erin.” She had a point; I also felt like she was missing the point. “I’m … Read More

ErinTreatment Takes Time & Communication

My Support Wheel

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Remember how I declared 2013 as an “Art Year” for Daisies and Bruises? Well, I did some drawing for you this morning and ended up with this wagon wheel to illustrate this post. Yay! I’ve talked about a wagon wheel representing my support system before, way back in 2011. I’m at the center of the wheel and each spoke represents … Read More

ErinMy Support Wheel

Vacation Reply: Therapist on Holidays

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I’m running out of photos since I’ve been posting so often lately. It makes me want to apologize to your inbox, if you’re a subscriber. It makes me want to thank every commenter profusely for even bothering to come to my blog. And it’s not just my writing that I’m super self-conscious about right now. I’m over-analyzing everything. I’m pretty … Read More

ErinVacation Reply: Therapist on Holidays

Ghost World

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I remember being at a party in Grade Eight and sneaking outside to be alone. I sat on the swing-set in the dark and composed a story of a girl who felt so invisible that she died. The girl, as a ghost, found that she couldn’t go to Heaven until she learned to make friends, friends she could trust enough … Read More

ErinGhost World

Safety Objects as Secrets to Survival

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My therapist started her two-week summer vacation on Friday, something I thought I was okay with until I said good-bye at the end of our session. I surprised myself by starting to cry but I quickly left the office before my therapist saw my tears. Now I have two weeks without therapy to get through and although I’m kind of … Read More

ErinSafety Objects as Secrets to Survival

The Therapy Game

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After a weekend of rain, I asked my sister to bring over a board game last night. She chose to bring Therapy the Game, which I’d heard about but never played before. It’s a game for three to six players but since there were only the two of us we made my Digby-puppy play. He kept eating the cards, though, … Read More

ErinThe Therapy Game

The Wellness Formula

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Guess what? I still have the flu! Today is day seven of lying on the couch, taking Gravol to keep food down, and boring the pants off my puppy. Yuck! I said to my friend S. the other day that I should be better by now. After all, isn’t this the formula for getting well? Liquids + rest = wellness … Read More

ErinThe Wellness Formula

We Aren’t Broken

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We can FEEL broken, flawed, or even crazy but it does not mean that we ARE those things. For a while there I felt like the diagnosis of being mentally ill meant that there was something wrong with ME. I thought that I’d screwed up and failed at life. In reality, there was something wrong with the chemical balances in … Read More

ErinWe Aren’t Broken

How to Survive the Impulse to Hurt Yourself

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Hurting yourself is an individual thing. We all have ways we hurt ourselves, whether it’s overeating or smoking or driving too fast. Some methods are conscious, others are not. Obviously, hurting ourselves hurts us. Why on Earth would we choose to do something that weakens us, makes us more vulnerable, and threatens our survival? I can’t explain it except that, … Read More

ErinHow to Survive the Impulse to Hurt Yourself

Coping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation

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I should have written about therapists going on vacation at the beginning of the summer so this post could be more helpful, but my therapist’s vacation is starting today and so it only crossed my mind to write about now. It’s fair to say that I always have a hard time when my therapist goes away on vacation. It used … Read More

ErinCoping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation