Good-Bye Smarch, Hello Smapril

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Yay I’m writing!! *HUGS* It isn’t Smarch anymore, it’s Smapril, but you officially have my permission to add make up your own words (or steal from The Simpsons) until it stops snowing. Smarch sucked! And Smapril is off to a crappy start, but hey, we’re still here. Today’s post is all about finding the small things to keep you going … Read More

ErinGood-Bye Smarch, Hello Smapril

Songs for Surviving Depression

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Sometimes, when depression is weighing you down like the heaviest anchor in the sea, all you have is the sound of the waves to comfort yourself. Or other sounds, like a song, even if it’s sad or depressing. Because you know depression is real, and if depression is real then you are real. Here’s a song I’ve been listening to all week. … Read More

ErinSongs for Surviving Depression

Music Monday: My Sun is Your Sun

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My playroom in preschool had an empty wheelchair for us to play with. It was usually occupied; everyone wanted to play in it because it was different. Even at four or five years old I was aware of the power it brought about. I eyed it carefully, always aware of who sat in it and the mock sympathetic comments that … Read More

ErinMusic Monday: My Sun is Your Sun

Trust: Art and Asking (inspired by Amanda Palmer)

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It’s Sunday morning, I’m watching a TED talk and I’m bawling. Sitting here in my pink cupcake pajamas, with my glasses on, no makeup, and a dog on my lap. And I’m crying good tears, tears of being allowed to feel and to hope and to ASK. I make my living as an artist and my art is largely about … Read More

ErinTrust: Art and Asking (inspired by Amanda Palmer)

The Strongest Hands

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My last few posts have revealed the fact that I’ve been struggling lately and unfortunately that’s worried some of you. I appreciate your concern and value your care immensely, but I’m not worried about myself. Why’s that? I’ve been left in the strongest hands. My therapist is strong, but I’m not talking about her hands. My psychiatrist is strong, but … Read More

ErinThe Strongest Hands

Music Monday: Amanda Fucking Palmer!

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For those of you who know me in ‘real life’ or happen to live in my building (or my neighbourhood I’ve been rocking out so hard), you know that I am COMPLETELY in love with the new Amanda Palmer album, Theatre is Evil. So this Monday post is clearly dedicated to music. I was a fan of The Dresden Dolls … Read More

ErinMusic Monday: Amanda Fucking Palmer!

Sadness, I’m Your Girl

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I want to start a theme for Monday posts, giving me one of three options to write about: Music, a Memory, or (another M-word). What should it be? Share your ideas in the comments! I’m starting with music this Monday. Lykke Li’s Sadness is a Blessing has completely mesmerized me since I first heard it almost a year ago. It’s … Read More

ErinSadness, I’m Your Girl

You Aren’t Alone

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From the age of eleven I felt depression weighing me down every day, but it wasn’t diagnosed until I was sixteen. Why? I thought it was normal to feel that way. I’d always felt sad as a kid but I could live with it. Then when I got into my double digits it became a lot bigger because people in … Read More

ErinYou Aren’t Alone

The Saddest of the Sad

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It hurts. It hurts a lot. Unlike physical pain, emotional pain always feels the same to me once it reaches a certain intensity. It’s the heartache that feels woven into the muscles pumping blood through my heart, both sustaining and destroying me. I spend so much time fighting my pain every day that I get exhausted. By four o’clock today … Read More

ErinThe Saddest of the Sad

Cue Comfort

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Today is a dark and rainy Monday and I’m tossing around my apartment trying to figure out my life. The worse I feel the more I doubt my words and I keep starting letters, starting journal entries, starting posts and then fear creeps out of my stomach and starts putting me down until I can’t move. The only thing I … Read More

ErinCue Comfort