Songs for Surviving Depression

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Sometimes, when depression is weighing you down like the heaviest anchor in the sea, all you have is the sound of the waves to comfort yourself. Or other sounds, like a song, even if it’s sad or depressing. Because you know depression is real, and if depression is real then you are real. Here’s a song I’ve been listening to all week. … Read More

ErinSongs for Surviving Depression

Happy Holidays from Daisies and Bruises

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Depression is with me every holiday season, but this year I feel lighter than I have for over a decade, thanks to all of you. Your support and generosity this year has just confirmed every fibre of my being. I have new readers, subscribers, friends, and happy moments that made 2014 an incredible year. Jackie and everyone at HealthiNation gave … Read More

ErinHappy Holidays from Daisies and Bruises

HealthiNation True Champions Video: Me and Depression

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A few weeks ago, Jackie, a producer from HealthiNation, flew from New York to film me as a “True Champion” of depression. For three days Jackie filmed my life. Chris from Toronto came up for one day to film the main interview while Jackie asked me questions. Then they each went home and I’ve lived frozen in fear, literally sick to my stomach thinking about … Read More

ErinHealthiNation True Champions Video: Me and Depression

Great News for My Winter Survival

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Oh my goodness, I am so excited! I want to tell you everything all at once, but no, I need to tell you the whole story for you to feel its impact and its overall awesomeness. Two weeks ago I was in complete turmoil. Someone in London’s mental health community had sent me information about a job they thought I … Read More

ErinGreat News for My Winter Survival

Pets for PTSD

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I have seen far too much. I struggle to put my memories into words because the memories feel corrosive, dangerous, and unpredictable. By stringing words together to describe my hell, I’m afraid that the resulting sentences will make my laptop explode. And you, dear readers, know this by now. My blog is a battlefield. And yet, my little weirdo dog … Read More

ErinPets for PTSD

Do I Deserve to Feel Better?

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This morning I talked with my psychiatrist about whether I deserve to feel better. We were talking about increasing my one antidepressant, and the idea of changing my mood, even for the better, scares me a little. Change is scary! Obviously, my psychiatrist feels that I deserve to feel better. But my mental health is in my hands more than … Read More

ErinDo I Deserve to Feel Better?

Music Monday: My Sun is Your Sun

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My playroom in preschool had an empty wheelchair for us to play with. It was usually occupied; everyone wanted to play in it because it was different. Even at four or five years old I was aware of the power it brought about. I eyed it carefully, always aware of who sat in it and the mock sympathetic comments that … Read More

ErinMusic Monday: My Sun is Your Sun

Suicide: My ON/OFF Switch

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I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve tried to end my life. I first attempted suicide as a young child – though no one ever knew because as a four-year old I didn’t understand the mechanics of it all. Then I tried several times as a teenager and young adult, but was pulled back from the brink of … Read More

ErinSuicide: My ON/OFF Switch

Gift Time!

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 Merry Christmas, happy holidays, yay boxing day! Gift time! I made you a playlist of videos on YouTube called Security Blanket, based on my own playlist of comforting songs that I listen to when I am sad. I hope these songs bring you comfort. If you don’t like one, skip to the next! There are ten videos total. I use … Read More

ErinGift Time!

Sadness, I’m Your Girl

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I want to start a theme for Monday posts, giving me one of three options to write about: Music, a Memory, or (another M-word). What should it be? Share your ideas in the comments! I’m starting with music this Monday. Lykke Li’s Sadness is a Blessing has completely mesmerized me since I first heard it almost a year ago. It’s … Read More

ErinSadness, I’m Your Girl