Spring Always Comes

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We made it to daylight savings time, but South-Western Ontario got a fresh dump of snow and wintry winds along with it. Yesterday I caught myself thinking, “What if Spring never comes?” It’s handy when negative thinking patterns come up against something as obvious as the seasons changing because it highlights them as faulty beliefs.  Obviously, spring has to come. … Read More

ErinSpring Always Comes

Making This Summer Count

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With school out and this being a long weekend here in Canada, summer has truly arrived! Yay! The past few summers have flown by for me. It’s like I have this idea that summer fun will find me on its own, but before I know it the leaves are changing colour again and I’m shocked. So this summer is going … Read More

ErinMaking This Summer Count

Coping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation

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I should have written about therapists going on vacation at the beginning of the summer so this post could be more helpful, but my therapist’s vacation is starting today and so it only crossed my mind to write about now. It’s fair to say that I always have a hard time when my therapist goes away on vacation. It used … Read More

ErinCoping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation