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What’s the difference between a breakdown and a breakthrough? Whatever it is, I’m having one. It hurts a lot. But I think…I think the difference between a breakdown and a breakthrough is what you do with the pain. I keep trying to post this – I have since December – but the pressure keeps building in the form of good … Read More

ErinHelp Is Hope: Support This Blog

Dear Younger Self: We Have Two Lives

ErinLetter To My Younger Self13 Comments

Dear younger self, I am learning that there are two lives we have to work with. The first one is the one we sculpt from the moment we learn to talk, the life we plan to have. Mine was incredible: My plan was to have a book published by the age of fourteen (which I later bumped up to twenty-one). … Read More

ErinDear Younger Self: We Have Two Lives

I Wrote a New Zine & So Did Digby!

ErinMy Art1 Comment

Is anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed right now? I think we all are. There is so much to stress about during the holiday season and it’s really affecting me. A lot of people this time of year buy presents for their friends and loved ones, but if you don’t have much money, it can be hard to know what … Read More

ErinI Wrote a New Zine & So Did Digby!

Why I Cannot Give Personal Advice Over Email

ErinBlog Maintenance7 Comments

I WANT TO HELP YOU. Every single one of you. I want to help every person on the planet because every person on the planet deserves help. And this world, it’s a giant ball of pain. And I am so fortunate. I’ve had access to many forms of mental health treatment. I’ve always had a doctor (if not the best … Read More

ErinWhy I Cannot Give Personal Advice Over Email

The Sick & The Well

ErinThe Mental Health System11 Comments

Little is more important to a writer than hearing someone say, “I read your work.” Today, four separate people came up to me to praise my blog, my writing, my truth. With each comment I felt like I was going to burst into tears of gratitude or tackle that person with a giant hug. These four people came from youth … Read More

ErinThe Sick & The Well

Speaking Up

ErinLocal Events5 Comments

It’s hard to follow up a post like my last one. Although I don’t regret sharing my experience in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit with you, I still wonder about it being on the internet for the whole world to see. Although I believe there are people out there in the community who do not stigmatize mental illness, I know … Read More

ErinSpeaking Up

Do I Deserve to Feel Better?

ErinMedication4 Comments

This morning I talked with my psychiatrist about whether I deserve to feel better. We were talking about increasing my one antidepressant, and the idea of changing my mood, even for the better, scares me a little. Change is scary! Obviously, my psychiatrist feels that I deserve to feel better. But my mental health is in my hands more than … Read More

ErinDo I Deserve to Feel Better?

When it’s Hard to Reach Out

ErinEmergency3 Comments

I wish I could reach out to at least one of you when I’m in a crisis. I know it’s hard for you, my friends and family, to receive my call from the Emergency room, but that’s how these things play out for me. After twelve years of suicidal feelings, I still feel ashamed to ask for help, and the … Read More

ErinWhen it’s Hard to Reach Out

Thank You!

ErinBlog Maintenance4 Comments

In my last blog post I wrote about being desperately broke yet needing money to renew our domain name, remove ads from the site, and then pay off my zine photocopy expenses. I spoke of saving up for a laptop with any extra money so that I can write blog posts on the go. I was so shocked by your … Read More

ErinThank You!

My Favourite Mental Health Books

ErinBook Reviews4 Comments

Why do I write when I could become a therapist and earn a steady pay cheque? Because before speaking to any therapist about anything, I go to the library. Books are my number one therapist. I was probably the only student in the  history of A. B. Lucas Secondary School to skip class to go to the public library. Once … Read More

ErinMy Favourite Mental Health Books