Six Reasons I Stopped Cutting Myself

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People keep finding my blog when they’re ready to self-injure but decide to search for help instead of engaging in cutting themselves. My words help them stay safe. I could not be happier about this. Stopping self-injury is one of my proudest achievements. I tend to get nervous sometimes, worried that I’ll slip back into hurting myself if something really … Read More

ErinSix Reasons I Stopped Cutting Myself

How to Stop Hurting Yourself

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Most Google searches leading to this blog involve the words, “hurt myself.” So many people are looking for help in stopping self-harm, stopping cutting, bruising or any other kind of self-hurting. Self-harm is something I know a lot about. I could write hundreds of posts on the topic (and I probably will), but for now, I have two pieces of … Read More

ErinHow to Stop Hurting Yourself

Consequences of Cutting: Why My “Coping” Method Backfired

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Most people find my blog through searching about hurting themselves and it’s time I spoke more about my self-injury history.¬†Although I dislike the terms “cutting” and “cutter,” I use them in this post for clarification and because those are such big terms used in internet searches and the media. Please stay safe and take care of yourself while reading this … Read More

ErinConsequences of Cutting: Why My “Coping” Method Backfired

Free SCARS Download Today & Tomorrow!

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SCARS is a phenomenal book by local Cheryl Rainfield. I took it out from the library and had it finished within two days! Here’s a summary from Amazon: “Kendra, a sexual abuse survivor, cuts to cope with the pain, but she doesn’t remember the identity of who abused her. Kendra makes a friend in Meghan, and falls in love with … Read More

ErinFree SCARS Download Today & Tomorrow!

Self-harm & Tattoos

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(This post talks about self-injury. Though I never write about what I find to be triggering, I do advise self-harmers to read this post with caution. If it is triggering you, stop reading or sit with someone who helps you feel safe. ) I have a consultation for a new tattoo on Thursday and I’m super excited. This will be … Read More

ErinSelf-harm & Tattoos

Incompetency in the ER

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When I finish a journal I usually flip back through the entries to reflect on what I’ve been through since I started writing in it. Last night I came across an entry I’d written after leaving the ER one night. It was by far one of my worst experiences there. In this instance from February 2010, I had gone to … Read More

ErinIncompetency in the ER