Sadness Builds Happiness

ErinThe Big Picture16 Comments

Okay, new rule: sadness is just happiness in its infancy. I feel really grumpy tonight. I’m pouting, scowling, slouching, and making one killer grimace. I feel really angry about a lot of stuff. It feels like such a waste of time but I’m going to make it acceptable by believing it’s going turning into something better. Yes, the time has come to … Read More

ErinSadness Builds Happiness

Sadness, I’m Your Girl

ErinMonday Theme6 Comments

I want to start a theme for Monday posts, giving me one of three options to write about: Music, a Memory, or (another M-word). What should it be? Share your ideas in the comments! I’m starting with music this Monday. Lykke Li’s Sadness is a Blessing has completely mesmerized me since I first heard it almost a year ago. It’s … Read More

ErinSadness, I’m Your Girl

Mono No Aware

ErinHindsight7 Comments

Mono no aware is the bittersweet realization of time passing, sometimes tinged with the feeling of it not being enough. The phrase is Japanese, sometimes symbolized in cherry blossoms because of their short blooming times. I researched the concept and its tie-in with cherry blossoms before deciding they would be part of my first tattoo. The cherry blossoms in my … Read More

ErinMono No Aware