Antidepressant Withdrawal Hell

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I feel terrible. I have what feels like the flu: nausea, muscle aches, nerve pain, tremors, hot and cold flashes, weakness, and lethargy. It’s lasted all month. The cause? I cut down my antidepressant by a measly 3mg. I don’t normally name my antidepressants on this blog, because meds affect everyone differently, but I’m naming this culprit: Cymbalta. I’ve been … Read More

ErinAntidepressant Withdrawal Hell

An Untimely Good-Bye

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In mid-July, my psychiatrist broke bad news to me like a bad joke: “So, did you talk to your family doctor yet?” “….About what?” “Getting a new psychiatrist.” “WHAT!?” This is not the way to tell your patient that you’re retiring. Thankfully, my psychiatrist is the best in the world, so I was ready to forgive him for forgetting to … Read More

ErinAn Untimely Good-Bye

My Support Wheel

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Remember how I declared 2013 as an “Art Year” for Daisies and Bruises? Well, I did some drawing for you this morning and ended up with this wagon wheel to illustrate this post. Yay! I’ve talked about a wagon wheel representing my support system before, way back in 2011. I’m at the center of the wheel and each spoke represents … Read More

ErinMy Support Wheel

Mondays: Music, Memories & Medication

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Along with music and memories, I’ve chosen the third “M” word for Monday’s themed posts to be medication. It’s the largest reason I am still alive today, still breathing, and functioning enough to write here. I have to spend a chunk of this week making sure I have enough medication to take with me on my upcoming travels. My psychiatrist … Read More

ErinMondays: Music, Memories & Medication