RSA Animate – Smile or Die

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“Fake it till you make it!” “You have no reason to be depressed.” “Think on the bright side for a change!” Every time someone says something that clich√© and simplistic to someone who feels depressed, the depressed person gets a little sicker. If we could think ourselves one hundred percent better, we would. While I’m not a big fan of … Read More

ErinRSA Animate – Smile or Die

Fake It Till You Make It

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I am pretending that I don’t have a headache, that I haven’t been lying on the couch for over an hour with an ice pack on my head, cursing every living thing, pill, or cure that isn’t helping me feel better. I really don’t feel strong enough to write a blog post but sometimes that’s the best we can do. … Read More

ErinFake It Till You Make It