Please Wait for Me

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Waiting is not something the Internet does very well, but I am asking you to wait for me because I am coming back. I am coming back in huge ways and I promise not to leave you behind. What we’ve had here on Daisies and Bruises is magical. You’ve helped me, I’ve helped you, we’ve talked about depression together, breaking … Read More

ErinPlease Wait for Me

Pain is Present

ErinChronic Pain15 Comments

Migraines and depression go hand-in-hand. They often occur together, one starting the other. Migraines are also a result of severe trauma, physical or emotional or both. All of this pain I’m in with my migraines is reminding me of the immobility of depression, how stranded I felt, how abandoned by life. I am so fed up. I am in so … Read More

ErinPain is Present

Depression and Migraine Update

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I haven’t felt like myself for over a month now. My depression and migrainesĀ seem to be ricocheting off each other, playing a game of “Let’s explode Erin’s head!” The migraine pain is seriously cutting in on me doing my favourite activities. Strain on my eyes makes my head ache even worse, so I’m avoiding using my laptop, watching movies, reading, … Read More

ErinDepression and Migraine Update