Screw Shame

ErinThe Big Picture4 Comments

I’m learning a hard lesson: shame about being mentally ill is not something I can just fix and then forget about. The shame lingers, waiting for a chance to reattach itself to my back. At the blink of an eye it jumps on me, making me heavy and slow. It sticks on the bottom of my shoes like gum, willing … Read More

ErinScrew Shame

5 Tips for when Depression is Kicking Your Ass

ErinDay-to-Day Life15 Comments

I am writing this post tonight to help myself as much as you because this has been one hell of a week. It really convinced me that these mental health superhero underpants are just not going to cut it 24/7 because writing confidently about mental illness isn’t going to change the fact that I still suffer from mental illness. And … Read More

Erin5 Tips for when Depression is Kicking Your Ass