When Someone You Love Decides to Die from Suicide

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Someone in my extended family died by suicide ten days ago. I’m really really upset. I loved this family member very very much, but I couldn’t afford the $1000 plane ticket to go to his funeral. I feel so guilty for not being physically there to pay my respects. To grieve. And I feel so guilty because I thought I was this … Read More

ErinWhen Someone You Love Decides to Die from Suicide

I’m Struggling With My Depression

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I’m struggling. I need to tell you what’s going on because I think writing about it will help. I’ll follow-up in the next few posts with some of the simple yet effective ways I’m self-nurturing to get through my days, things that might work for you, too. The first (and honestly most upsetting) recent trigger for my worsened depression is … Read More

ErinI’m Struggling With My Depression

Suicide Brings No Relief to Anyone

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**This post may be triggering because I talk openly about suicide. Visit my Help page for resources to help you or a loved one who is experiencing suicidal feelings.** Twelve years ago today my friend Darlene committed suicide. It was violent and horrible. I knew she was suicidal that night, but she had always taken herself to the hospital when … Read More

ErinSuicide Brings No Relief to Anyone

Ned Vizzini: Suicide Ends the Story

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Ned Vizzini, the author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story, died by suicide on Thursday. I just found out and burst into tears. He wrote other things which are of importance, too, but most of us know his name from his memoir turned Hollywood movie, starring Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis, Emma Roberts, and Viola Davis. It’s Kind of a … Read More

ErinNed Vizzini: Suicide Ends the Story

Little Matchstick Girl

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Sometimes I write an upbeat blog post, not because that’s how I feel all the time, but because it’s how I feel for a moment. For a moment, the other day, I thought, “Hell yes, I’m rocking my unhappiness!” And then later, when I inevitably feel weak again, I can go back to my blog and read up on how … Read More

ErinLittle Matchstick Girl

Vacation Reply: Therapist on Holidays

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I’m running out of photos since I’ve been posting so often lately. It makes me want to apologize to your inbox, if you’re a subscriber. It makes me want to thank every commenter profusely for even bothering to come to my blog. And it’s not just my writing that I’m super self-conscious about right now. I’m over-analyzing everything. I’m pretty … Read More

ErinVacation Reply: Therapist on Holidays

Hands Behind the Wheel

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This weekend I worked for my dad behind a booth at a local car show. During one of my breaks I walked around the exhibits, checking out restored gems from decades ago alongside some newer cars brought in by local dealers. I slid into a BMW Mini Cooper convertible, shut the door, put my hands on the wheel and felt … Read More

ErinHands Behind the Wheel

The Reality of Depression

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Depression isn’t just symptoms doctors check off on your chart, like a grocery list for insanity. Doctors don’t know that your world is no longer simple, easy to define. Depression is the feeling of lead in your veins, dread in your nerves, and sorrow in your footsteps. Your shoes feel heavy, no matter which pair you put on. Your voice … Read More

ErinThe Reality of Depression

I Miss You

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I must admit that things are pretty crappy right now. I can count my current woes on my fingers but I still feel some secret hope that I can’t quite identify. Perhaps it is spring. Today we’re back into daylight savings time, thank God. That is a sure sign of spring, isn’t it? It’s something we can trust. I keep … Read More

ErinI Miss You

You Aren’t Alone

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From the age of eleven I felt depression weighing me down every day, but it wasn’t diagnosed until I was sixteen. Why? I thought it was normal to feel that way. I’d always felt sad as a kid but I could live with it. Then when I got into my double digits it became a lot bigger because people in … Read More

ErinYou Aren’t Alone