Six Reasons I Stopped Cutting Myself

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People keep finding my blog when they’re ready to self-injure but decide to search for help instead of engaging in cutting themselves. My words help them stay safe. I could not be happier about this. Stopping self-injury is one of my proudest achievements. I tend to get nervous sometimes, worried that I’ll slip back into hurting myself if something really … Read More

ErinSix Reasons I Stopped Cutting Myself

How to Say “No” To Someone in Crisis

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I miss you. Ever since my encounter in early January, my confidence is much weaker. I don’t feel like myself, and since writing is a big part of who I am, it suffers too. I wish that everyone could always provoke a positive helpful response from others when reaching out for help. Reaching out for help is SO hard to … Read More

ErinHow to Say “No” To Someone in Crisis

Human Hibernation

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Winter naturally makes us want to curl up at home in front of the fire. Unless you’re into winter sports, it is easy to get depressed indoors as it gets all cold and dark outside. Here’s what I’ve found to help me with the winter blues this year: 1. Stay Warm! My building uses gas heating and my apartment seems … Read More

ErinHuman Hibernation

How to Have a Good Cry & Cover it Up (If You Need to)

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Lately I’ve experimented with revealing my tear-stained face to friends and family as a way of being honest about my feelings. If people see that I’ve been crying, that tells a lot about my current state. But what if you don’t want people to know that you’ve been crying? What if the fear of people knowing you were crying keeps … Read More

ErinHow to Have a Good Cry & Cover it Up (If You Need to)

Happy Lists!

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February is one of the ugliest months for weather but I took advantage of the sunshine today and walked to get bubble tea this afternoon. At the bubble tea shop I wrote a letter to my friend Victorya on pug stationery. In her letter I remarked at how good my mood was, despite it being a Monday. Then I realized … Read More

ErinHappy Lists!

Coping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation

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I should have written about therapists going on vacation at the beginning of the summer so this post could be more helpful, but my therapist’s vacation is starting today and so it only crossed my mind to write about now. It’s fair to say that I always have a hard time when my therapist goes away on vacation. It used … Read More

ErinCoping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation