Depression and Migraine Update

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I haven’t felt like myself for over a month now. My depression and migraines seem to be ricocheting off each other, playing a game of “Let’s explode Erin’s head!” The migraine pain is seriously cutting in on me doing my favourite activities. Strain on my eyes makes my head ache even worse, so I’m avoiding using my laptop, watching movies, reading, … Read More

ErinDepression and Migraine Update

HealthiNation True Champions Video: Me and Depression

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A few weeks ago, Jackie, a producer from HealthiNation, flew from New York to film me as a “True Champion” of depression. For three days Jackie filmed my life. Chris from Toronto came up for one day to film the main interview while Jackie asked me questions. Then they each went home and I’ve lived frozen in fear, literally sick to my stomach thinking about … Read More

ErinHealthiNation True Champions Video: Me and Depression

Me in My Teen Years

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We’re about to hit the mid-mark of August and I know school is suddenly on everyone’s minds again. So, I was thinking of posting about what I was like as a teenager over the next few weeks. Because I have not always been as confident as I appear on this blog. No way. I hated myself in high school for not … Read More

ErinMe in My Teen Years

Daisies and Bruises Named a Top Depression Blog of 2014

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Healthline has chosen Daisies and Bruises as one of the Best Depression Blogs of 2014! They’ve also chosen my other blog, HealthyPlace’s Coping With Depression blog as a contender in the top 11. Win win! Check out their rotation of the other winners here. If you can’t see it (I couldn’t at first), turn off your ad blocker temporarily. Healthline is … Read More

ErinDaisies and Bruises Named a Top Depression Blog of 2014

Can it be Healthy to Hate Your Life Sometimes?

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On Monday I wrote about changing your negative self-talk so that instead of hating your life you can focus on the things you like about your life. And rephrasing your thinking is important, but since writing that post I’ve started to wonder if maybe sometimes it’s actually healthy to hate your life. After writing that post I sat on my … Read More

ErinCan it be Healthy to Hate Your Life Sometimes?

“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

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I am so miserable today! And I was yesterday too, and the day before that. I am in a serious rut. If this blog is brought to you by Erin (me), any period of silence on here is brought to you by anxiety and negative self talk. Listen to the messages I’ve told myself lately: “I hate my life.” “My … Read More

Erin“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

Treatment Takes Time & Communication

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Three weeks ago I told my therapist that I needed to be challenged more in our sessions. I felt bored, restless, and impatient with my therapy. Wasn’t I better by now? “Challenged?” she asked. “I think you’ve had more than a lifetime’s worth of challenges, Erin.” She had a point; I also felt like she was missing the point. “I’m … Read More

ErinTreatment Takes Time & Communication

Anemia: Part Two

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I feel like a deflated balloon on the bottom of a heap of garbage. This anemia problem is really getting old. I felt better for a short time after taking iron supplements. After a few weeks, however, my stomach couldn’t handle so much burning each time I took an iron pill. My indigestion became so bad that I couldn’t even … Read More

ErinAnemia: Part Two

How to Stop Hurting Yourself

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Most Google searches leading to this blog involve the words, “hurt myself.” So many people are looking for help in stopping self-harm, stopping cutting, bruising or any other kind of self-hurting. Self-harm is something I know a lot about. I could write hundreds of posts on the topic (and I probably will), but for now, I have two pieces of … Read More

ErinHow to Stop Hurting Yourself

Blogging for

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Daisies and Bruises will always be my home, but I have a new hangout on the Internet:! I am their new author of the Coping With Depression Blog, alongside Liana Scott, another warrior in the battle of depression. I am so excited to be a part of HealthyPlace, because not only do they provide information on mental illnesses, they … Read More

ErinBlogging for