Choosing Depression Over Antidepressant Side Effects

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I feel lost in a foreign place. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am choosing depression over something else. Why would I do such a thing? The answer, in a word, is MIGRAINE. I’ve had a migraine every single day for a year.¬†With the dawning of 2016 I’ve felt myself surrender. I cannot take any … Read More

ErinChoosing Depression Over Antidepressant Side Effects

Six Reasons I Stopped Cutting Myself

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People keep finding my blog when they’re ready to self-injure but decide to search for help instead of engaging in cutting themselves. My words help them stay safe. I could not be happier about this. Stopping self-injury is one of my proudest achievements. I tend to get nervous sometimes, worried that I’ll slip back into hurting myself if something really … Read More

ErinSix Reasons I Stopped Cutting Myself

Rock Your Unhappiness

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Okay, I’ve had it. It’s 11am on a Wednesday and I’m digging through the bottom of my closet looking for pennies to roll to take to the bank this afternoon. First I need to go to the dollar store, though, to spend money on those coin roller things. Then, if I’m lucky, I’ll have maybe $8 which I will go … Read More

ErinRock Your Unhappiness

How to Have a Good Cry & Cover it Up (If You Need to)

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Lately I’ve experimented with revealing my tear-stained face to friends and family as a way of being honest about my feelings. If people see that I’ve been crying, that tells a lot about my current state. But what if you don’t want people to know that you’ve been crying? What if the fear of people knowing you were crying keeps … Read More

ErinHow to Have a Good Cry & Cover it Up (If You Need to)

Ghost World

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I remember being at a party in Grade Eight and sneaking outside to be alone. I sat on the swing-set in the dark and composed a story of a girl who felt so invisible that she died. The girl, as a ghost, found that she couldn’t go to Heaven until she learned to make friends, friends she could trust enough … Read More

ErinGhost World