Please Wait for Me

ErinBlog Maintenance12 Comments

Waiting is not something the Internet does very well, but I am asking you to wait for me because I am coming back. I am coming back in huge ways and I promise not to leave you behind. What we’ve had here on Daisies and Bruises is magical. You’ve helped me, I’ve helped you, we’ve talked about depression together, breaking … Read More

ErinPlease Wait for Me

I Hate My Life and I Love My Life

ErinDay-to-Day Life13 Comments

Raise your hand if your life is going as planned. Anyone? If I’ve learned anything from having depression, writing this blog, from living all thirty years of my life so far, it’s that things don’t go as planned. Life is screwed up! It’s unpredictable for all of us. I think half of our suffering comes from our expectations that things … Read More

ErinI Hate My Life and I Love My Life

Depression Hurts but Kindness Lives

ErinThe Big Picture21 Comments

I’d like to introduce you to the blue thing on my head. His name is Ice Pack Hat. Ice Pack Hat, meet my blog readers. It’s about time that you met. Ice Pack Hat lives on my head to help ease my constant migraines. My blog readers live in my heart. Both my heart and head still hurt, though, a lot. It’s … Read More

ErinDepression Hurts but Kindness Lives