Celebrating 2015 & Having Hope for the Future

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Raise your hand if 2015 went exactly as planned. Yeah, me neither! I was sure this was going to be MY year where I accomplished or at least set off on my biggest life dreams. Instead I spent 90% of the year on the couch with an ice pack on my head trying to balance my migraines alongside my mental … Read More

ErinCelebrating 2015 & Having Hope for the Future

Happy Holidays from Daisies and Bruises

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Depression is with me every holiday season, but this year I feel lighter than I have for over a decade, thanks to all of you. Your support and generosity this year has just confirmed every fibre of my being. I have new readers, subscribers, friends, and happy moments that made 2014 an incredible year. Jackie and everyone at HealthiNation gave … Read More

ErinHappy Holidays from Daisies and Bruises

Free Printables!

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Free stuff is good for your mental health. I haven’t bought gift tags for years because the internet is such a great source for printable goodies. Here’s some links to downloadable tags if you’re wrapping presents last-minute like me! Want to avoid the tape or ribbon all together? Use sticker paper from a stationery store to feed right through your … Read More

ErinFree Printables!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 1

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I have an assignment for you: stay tuned over the next twelve days for Daisies and Bruises’ Twelve Days of Christmas! Easy homework with lots of rewards and you don’t get graded. Cool? Cool! I found this confetti angel in a crack on the sidewalk about a week ago. On the way to therapy I saw it as a sign … Read More

ErinTwelve Days of Christmas: Day 1