Hello, I’m Here

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I’m here! This feels like a miracle. I’ve been struggling a lot to function at a bare minimum. About four days ago my Internet died at home and I’ve been too depressed to do anything about it. But tonight, finally, I dragged myself to Tim Hortons and connected to their Wi-Fi and now I am blogging. YES! I know I’m … Read More

ErinHello, I’m Here

“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

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I am so miserable today! And I was yesterday too, and the day before that. I am in a serious rut. If this blog is brought to you by Erin (me), any period of silence on here is brought to you by anxiety and negative self talk. Listen to the messages I’ve told myself lately: “I hate my life.” “My … Read More

Erin“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

Future Fears

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In these past few years, my Facebook feed has slowly become not about my friends’ lives, but the lives of their children. I used to do a double-take when a friend’s profile pic showed them suddenly thirty years younger than they were the day before, but now I sigh and say, “Another baby.” What’s really weird is when you are … Read More

ErinFuture Fears

Pets for PTSD

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I have seen far too much. I struggle to put my memories into words because the memories feel corrosive, dangerous, and unpredictable. By stringing words together to describe my hell, I’m afraid that the resulting sentences will make my laptop explode. And you, dear readers, know this by now. My blog is a battlefield. And yet, my little weirdo dog … Read More

ErinPets for PTSD

A Good Secret Gone Bad

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“Secrets keep you sick.” I’ve heard that phrase a few times in treatment and it’s really stuck with me. It’s something I say a lot, to both myself and others, but up until recently I thought it only applied to “bad” secrets. Like, not telling people in my life about my depression kept me really sick for a long time. … Read More

ErinA Good Secret Gone Bad

Self-Care Adds Up!

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If you’re walking down the sidewalk and you see a dollar, what do you do? You pick it up! Is it going to buy you a meal? Nope. Is it going to buy you car? No way. A trip around the world? Hell no. But it counts. You know a dollar counts, you know that by saving up your dollars … Read More

ErinSelf-Care Adds Up!

Halloween Trauma Triggers

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I am proud to say that readers from around the world visit and subscribe to Daisies and Bruises. Mental health is a universal issue, so I’m hoping even a few advanced alien species pick up on my site now and then. So if you’re reading from somewhere that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, here’s a link to explain the traditions and celebrations … Read More

ErinHalloween Trauma Triggers

Little Matchstick Girl

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Sometimes I write an upbeat blog post, not because that’s how I feel all the time, but because it’s how I feel for a moment. For a moment, the other day, I thought, “Hell yes, I’m rocking my unhappiness!” And then later, when I inevitably feel weak again, I can go back to my blog and read up on how … Read More

ErinLittle Matchstick Girl

An In-Between Post!

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My last post on self-injury knocked the wind out of me. I’ve been writing the follow up post for over a week, but my emotions are building me up and knocking me down. I can’t talk about the reasons not to self-injure without examining the reasons I started self-injuring to begin with. And that’s overwhelming. I feel like the next … Read More

ErinAn In-Between Post!

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

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I’m finally ready to write about this. You know how I’ve talked about there being an infinite amount of rock bottoms, at least in my life? During my last hospital stay, I ended up in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for the first time in my twelve years of being in London Ontario’s mental health care system. To back up … Read More

ErinPsychiatric Intensive Care Unit