Celebrating 2015 & Having Hope for the Future

ErinThe Big Picture14 Comments

Raise your hand if 2015 went exactly as planned. Yeah, me neither! I was sure this was going to be MY year where I accomplished or at least set off on my biggest life dreams. Instead I spent 90% of the year on the couch with an ice pack on my head trying to balance my migraines alongside my mental … Read More

ErinCelebrating 2015 & Having Hope for the Future

A “Good Things Jar” for 2015

ErinCraft Projects13 Comments

Hi Friends! Happy New Year! It’s the time to set new goals and plan for the year ahead. This year I’m totally doing the Good Things jar again for 2015 because my jar for 2014 was a total success. Why was it a success? Because even on my bad days I didn’t smash the thing. Yay! At the beginning of … Read More

ErinA “Good Things Jar” for 2015

Happy Holidays from Daisies and Bruises

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Depression is with me every holiday season, but this year I feel lighter than I have for over a decade, thanks to all of you. Your support and generosity this year has just confirmed every fibre of my being. I have new readers, subscribers, friends, and happy moments that made 2014 an incredible year. Jackie and everyone at HealthiNation gave … Read More

ErinHappy Holidays from Daisies and Bruises