I firmly believe that our feelings need to be expressed and doing art is one of the easiest and most flexible ways for us to do so. You don’t have to be a trained artist to express yourself; all you have to do is let yourself be. In doing art for myself I’ve learned that it is okay to feel and it is okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to be exactly who you are and express yourself every way you can. It’s a matter of survival, and it’s a wonderful coping method.

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  2. Kelly

    I love your poetry and I thought I would share something I wrote with you

    Thing We Call Love

    And now I realize that those stories,
    Those fairy tales of love and lust,
    Those magical words spun a web of lies
    Those cute harmless things
    Have cunned the minds of many
    I, for one had believed
    But I have grown up to see
    What it’s turned out to really be
    There is no “love at first sight”
    Love doesn’t spawn from a shoe slipping off
    Nor, from a kiss to wake a princess
    No, love comes from understanding,
    For seeing past the flaws, to unearth the real person
    For being there through it all
    Somedays will be like a horse-drawn carriage before midnight
    And others will be pumpkin and mice
    You will get hurt and broken
    But that doesn’t mean you won’t get back up
    Love is not like the movies, for it is much more powerful
    And little girls everywhere have yet to learn
    The trials,
    Yet joy
    That come from this simple, yet so complex
    Thing we call

  3. Claire

    Erin I’m 13 years old and reading your story of what happened when you were in your teens has helped me to wade through waist depth waves of depression. I thank your amazing blog for helping me fight against my depression so that my life will go back to what it used to be. You are so inspirational and I love reading your blog posts because it helps me get ready to fight the new challenges I have ahead. Thank you.

  4. NB

    Erin, wishing you a happy life. You are inspiring, and a motivation for me. Keep living, girl. You’ve got this! Praying for God to comfort you, guide you, and heal you.

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