Things Are Rough

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I am so stressed out I feel like I’m going to break and I feel like I’m not allowed to talk about half of what is burdening me so much. I certainly shouldn’t post about it on the internet. I feel bound and gagged. What feels like the icing on the cake of awfulness is that Canada Post is about … Read More

ErinThings Are Rough

Daisies and Bruises Funded For Another Year

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Hello lovely readers! The other day I posted about being afraid that I couldn’t afford to keep Daisies and Bruises afloat. Within minutes of posting it, a few friends texted me asking what I needed, and in a whirlwind of guilt I took the post down. I couldn’t, however, undo the fact that my post had been sent to everyone … Read More

ErinDaisies and Bruises Funded For Another Year

You Matter and There is hope

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Sometimes I cross paths with another person when I’m out in the world, and they make an impression on me. For a fleeting instant, I see something in their eyes or their actions that tells me that they are in pain. It often happens on the days that I’m feeling a lot of pain. I never know the stranger’s circumstance, … Read More

ErinYou Matter and There is hope

Art Show Inspiration

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My critical writer voice gets louder and harsher as the dates pile up between my entries on Daisies and Bruises. The less I write, the more ideas I have, and the more I reprimand myself for not writing. There are so many rules I’m learning about writing an effective blog, but sometimes I feel like the most important part of … Read More

ErinArt Show Inspiration

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

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I’m finally ready to write about this. You know how I’ve talked about there being an infinite amount of rock bottoms, at least in my life? During my last hospital stay, I ended up in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for the first time in my twelve years of being in London Ontario’s mental health care system. To back up … Read More

ErinPsychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Trust: Art and Asking (inspired by Amanda Palmer)

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It’s Sunday morning, I’m watching a TED talk and I’m bawling. Sitting here in my pink cupcake pajamas, with my glasses on, no makeup, and a dog on my lap. And I’m crying good tears, tears of being allowed to feel and to hope and to ASK. I make my living as an artist and my art is largely about … Read More

ErinTrust: Art and Asking (inspired by Amanda Palmer)

George Stroumboulopoulos Interview

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*I have delayed posting this due to the trolls that came out from under their bridges to spam my blog when I last posted about George Stroumboulopoulos. I am leaving comments open on this post for now, and I beg everyone to please ignore the trolls who try to bash the CBC everywhere they can.* Enjoy the great interview via … Read More

ErinGeorge Stroumboulopoulos Interview

My Art and Writing Published!

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Picture an eighteen-year-old me, hiding in the basement of my family’s house. I have magazine clippings surrounding me and a blank piece of black paper on the floor in front of me. I feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, passionate, and angry. I feel smothered and silenced to the point of eruption. I am terrified.  I don’t know what the catalyst was but … Read More

ErinMy Art and Writing Published!

The Carousel

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I forget if I’ve told you that I live next door to a daycare for preschool-aged children. They play in the yard between my building and theirs, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to catch some of their conversations. As I was stepping off my porch this morning I saw a girl in a pink snow suit sort of lounging by … Read More

ErinThe Carousel

If a Girl Falls in the Woods

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If you don’t leave a footprint, do you exist? If you came and went and no one saw you, does it even matter that you were there? In high school, either no one called home when I skipped class or else my parents didn’t care if I had. Both my family and my school knew about my mental health problems, … Read More

ErinIf a Girl Falls in the Woods