Treatment Takes Time & Communication

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Three weeks ago I told my therapist that I needed to be challenged more in our sessions. I felt bored, restless, and impatient with my therapy. Wasn’t I better by now? “Challenged?” she asked. “I think you’ve had more than a lifetime’s worth of challenges, Erin.” She had a point; I also felt like she was missing the point. “I’m … Read More

ErinTreatment Takes Time & Communication

Vacation Reply: Therapist on Holidays

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I’m running out of photos since I’ve been posting so often lately. It makes me want to apologize to your inbox, if you’re a subscriber. It makes me want to thank every commenter profusely for even bothering to come to my blog. And it’s not just my writing that I’m super self-conscious about right now. I’m over-analyzing everything. I’m pretty … Read More

ErinVacation Reply: Therapist on Holidays

Coping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation

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I should have written about therapists going on vacation at the beginning of the summer so this post could be more helpful, but my therapist’s vacation is starting today and so it only crossed my mind to write about now. It’s fair to say that I always have a hard time when my therapist goes away on vacation. It used … Read More

ErinCoping while Your Therapist Is on Vacation

Therapy: School of Life

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My last post mentioned one reason I didn’t go to university or college: the fact that I felt invisible. There are actually many reasons I never went, but another reason that I am going to share with you now is that I couldn’t leave my therapist. When all my peers went away to school I stayed here because the rapport … Read More

ErinTherapy: School of Life

Glue for the Soul

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There is something calming in creating something myself. I make buttons and hair clips, I embroider and decoupage. I paint and art journal and customize everything. I took art in high school but always felt stifled with the amount of rules that were enforced. I never connected with art until I let myself create freely. Collages were my first medium. … Read More

ErinGlue for the Soul

My Typical Therapy Session

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Have you ever wondered what a therapy session is like? Even if you haven’t, knowing about my typical therapy session is going to help you know me since therapy has taught me most of the mental health stuff I know. I hope that this description can help you see therapy as more than just a clinical place for treatment. It’s … Read More

ErinMy Typical Therapy Session