The Full Weight of Depression

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To someone who doesn’t know what depression is like, I think of those heavy vests they put on you when you get an x-ray. It’s a weight that blankets your whole body that you have to wear everywhere you go, all the time. Depression can feel like it should be there. Like you deserve the weight you carry. It lets … Read More

ErinThe Full Weight of Depression

I Survived High School With Depression

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I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that school is starting soon for a lot of you. Surviving depression is almost as hard as surviving high school, and doing both at once requires what can feel like superhuman strength. With your upcoming school days in mind,  I went through a box of photos at my parents’ house last week, … Read More

ErinI Survived High School With Depression

Macaroni: Spotted in Real Life

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It happened. Just like a dream, except real. The Universe delivered me a pearl of hope in my favourite sports car. No one has approached me since my recent post where I asked you to say hello if you saw me in public. The incentive for you to say hello was an offer of a free Daisies and Bruises button from … Read More

ErinMacaroni: Spotted in Real Life

Can it be Healthy to Hate Your Life Sometimes?

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On Monday I wrote about changing your negative self-talk so that instead of hating your life you can focus on the things you like about your life. And rephrasing your thinking is important, but since writing that post I’ve started to wonder if maybe sometimes it’s actually healthy to hate your life. After writing that post I sat on my … Read More

ErinCan it be Healthy to Hate Your Life Sometimes?

Planting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters

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The first time volunteered at mindyourmind office four years ago, involved me and some other volunteers playing the Reach Out game, where mental health questions are asked in a Jeopardy-style layout. I knew the answer to every single question but only contributed my voice to the discussion a few times. I left the mindyourmind office feeling so sad and self-loathing … Read More

ErinPlanting Roots & Speaking Up: Your Story Matters

Future Fears

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In these past few years, my Facebook feed has slowly become not about my friends’ lives, but the lives of their children. I used to do a double-take when a friend’s profile pic showed them suddenly thirty years younger than they were the day before, but now I sigh and say, “Another baby.” What’s really weird is when you are … Read More

ErinFuture Fears

Defining ‘The Art of Living With Depression’

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Since writing my Good Things Jar post with my video tutorial, I’ve been thinking about art and its connection to this blog. Before I started Daisies and Bruises, I knew I wanted to write about art and depression, because they are two things I’m passionate about. Art has been a key instrument in my battle with depression, and I wanted … Read More

ErinDefining ‘The Art of Living With Depression’

Halloween Trauma Triggers

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I am proud to say that readers from around the world visit and subscribe to Daisies and Bruises. Mental health is a universal issue, so I’m hoping even a few advanced alien species pick up on my site now and then. So if you’re reading from somewhere that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, here’s a link to explain the traditions and celebrations … Read More

ErinHalloween Trauma Triggers

Fighting for Survival

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I believe we have to fight to create a world worth living in. On my very worst days, art is the only medium that gives me hope, so on my better days, I try to contribute to the world through art. When I’m feeling bold I create collages and paintings, but art can be more subtle too, like leaving secret … Read More

ErinFighting for Survival

Suicide: My ON/OFF Switch

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I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve tried to end my life. I first attempted suicide as a young child – though no one ever knew because as a four-year old I didn’t understand the mechanics of it all. Then I tried several times as a teenager and young adult, but was pulled back from the brink of … Read More

ErinSuicide: My ON/OFF Switch