Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

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I’m finally ready to write about this. You know how I’ve talked about there being an infinite amount of rock bottoms, at least in my life? During my last hospital stay, I ended up in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for the first time in my twelve years of being in London Ontario’s mental health care system. To back up … Read More

ErinPsychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Rock Bottom Revisited

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I’ve discovered something about shame involving mental illness: it’s a lot easier to shut down if you tell yourself – and everyone else – that the worst is behind you. That you’ll never hit rock bottom again, that you’ve Been There, Done That and will never be that sick again. You tell the world that Suicidal Territory is officially off … Read More

ErinRock Bottom Revisited

First Impressions of a Psych Ward

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My first impressions of the London Ontario psych ward were nightmarish. A nurse had led me to an elevator taking me from the ER up to the seventh floor of Victoria Hospital (everyone just called it South Street Hospital). She handed me off to another nurse who lead me through a dark hallway carpeted in an ugly puke brown. I … Read More

ErinFirst Impressions of a Psych Ward