How to Be Strong

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We’re all feeling scared as hell. (Ignore my shitty formatting here and read the good stuff) One of my good friends and I have been talking about how childhood trauma prepares us for oncoming trauma, which we’re never ready for. Part of growing up in an earthquake is learning how to stay steady on your own. Here’s what I know: … Read More

ErinHow to Be Strong

My Emmy-Winning Heart

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What cures depression? Is it fame, fortune? This is what I know: HEART. Heart is the only thing that beats depression. This morning I woke up to a donation to Daisies and Bruises. PayPal alerted me with a chime on my phone. Next I saw a text from Jackie at HealthiNation: our videos won an Emmy last night! A few moments … Read More

ErinMy Emmy-Winning Heart

O Captain, My Captain: Robin Williams

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When Philip Seymour Hoffman died a few months ago, I decided not to blog about it. I didn’t want to be another person on the Internet squawking about this loss of someone I felt like I knew but never did know. And you know where I’m going now: Robin Williams. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Honest to God, I’d known about Robin Williams’s … Read More

ErinO Captain, My Captain: Robin Williams