Why I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers

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I feel alone and invisible a lot. It’s part of having depression and I think it’s also part of just who I am. I spend so much time in my head that I forget to interact with the outside world, and then when I don’t have any interaction for a while, I feel like no one notices me. When really, … Read More

ErinWhy I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers

Making Art Makes Me Feel Alive, Despite My Depression

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Here are my collages I promised you in my last post! I have no definite date on them, but based on other drawings I remember doing in the same sketchbook, my best guess is that these two collages are from when I was sixteen, the year I was first diagnosed with depression, hospitalized, and started therapy. Seeing these collages makes … Read More

ErinMaking Art Makes Me Feel Alive, Despite My Depression

Migraines and Depression

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I really haven’t felt like myself lately. I cope with headaches pretty much every day, but this month they’ve been steamrolling my life. My doctor has officially upgraded their name to “migraines” after I called an ambulance a few weeks ago in the middle of the night. I even moved back to my parents’ for a week and it made me feel like … Read More

ErinMigraines and Depression

A “Good Things” Jar for 2014

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Last January I saw a project on Pinterest that involved making a jar to hold good memories for the year. From January 1st to December 31st, you were supposed to write down good things on pieces of paper, fold them up and stick them in the jar, so that on New Years Eve, you could look back on all the … Read More

ErinA “Good Things” Jar for 2014

I Wrote a New Zine & So Did Digby!

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Is anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed right now? I think we all are. There is so much to stress about during the holiday season and it’s really affecting me. A lot of people this time of year buy presents for their friends and loved ones, but if you don’t have much money, it can be hard to know what … Read More

ErinI Wrote a New Zine & So Did Digby!

Crafting a Life

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It’s become a sort of tradition in the past two years, how the night before every craft show I end up bleeding profusely or driving to the pharmacy at 11pm to buy ointment for some accidental burn. This time it was a nosebleed, procured after sobbing intensely on my paper-littered floor for a good twenty minutes. I’d lost three out … Read More

ErinCrafting a Life

An Untimely Good-Bye

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In mid-July, my psychiatrist broke bad news to me like a bad joke: “So, did you talk to your family doctor yet?” “….About what?” “Getting a new psychiatrist.” “WHAT!?” This is not the way to tell your patient that you’re retiring. Thankfully, my psychiatrist is the best in the world, so I was ready to forgive him for forgetting to … Read More

ErinAn Untimely Good-Bye

Art at Home: My New Wall Collage

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I’ve been obsessed with collaging since I was about sixteen. I covered my school binders, decoupaged furniture, and turned my bedroom walls into canvasses. The more I did it the more I realized it was about survival. I could get through class if I had something pretty to look at on my binders, something intricate and interesting. With my walls … Read More

ErinArt at Home: My New Wall Collage

I Need Your Help!

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My meeting with the publisher a few weeks ago knocked the wind right out of me. It put my mind and my heart through the wringer. I’ve recoiled from life on multiple levels, including avoiding writing new blog posts. I’m isolating, choosing to stay in and read instead of going out with friends. That said, I’ve been working hard. While … Read More

ErinI Need Your Help!

The Pulse of Impulsivity

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Even for a blog about depression, my posts have been fucking depressing lately. Talks of suicide, crisis, not finding support when I need it. Yeah, things have sucked lately. I even had to perform a half-ass dead squirrel memorial service this week! Yes, it involved a shovel.  (Erin fun-fact #135: squirrels are the best animals in the world after cats … Read More

ErinThe Pulse of Impulsivity