My Mask Removed

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I haven’t been looking at the Daisies and Bruises reader statistics for a while. I’ve been feeling too rushed, too tired, and unworthy. My inner self-talk has said, “I’m so lucky to have the few readers that I have. I’d better not even look at the numbers so I don’t get depressed, because my writing isn’t good. Let’s get this … Read More

ErinMy Mask Removed

Live and Learn

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  “Live and learn” is a common enough phrase, but how often do we inspect it? The phrase is often paired with “experience,” that dreaded word we use when we’re trying to put a positive spin on a mistake. This past week has taught me that we can live and learn in good ways, too, believe it or not. The … Read More

ErinLive and Learn

Remembering the Montreal Massacre

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Today is the twenty-second anniversary of the Montréal Massacre, during which a twenty-five-year-old male, Marc Lépine entered the École Polytechnique and after separating the men and women, opened fire on the women. He shot twenty-seven people, killing fourteen women total. My family lived in Montréal the year before the massacre, but moved here to London, Ontario in 1989. Since I … Read More

ErinRemembering the Montreal Massacre

Mono No Aware

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Mono no aware is the bittersweet realization of time passing, sometimes tinged with the feeling of it not being enough. The phrase is Japanese, sometimes symbolized in cherry blossoms because of their short blooming times. I researched the concept and its tie-in with cherry blossoms before deciding they would be part of my first tattoo. The cherry blossoms in my … Read More

ErinMono No Aware

Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason

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Let’s get one thing straight: everything does NOT happen for a reason. People say that kind of thing to put a positive spin on life’s upsets, but there is a time and a place for that kind of thinking. For example, tell one of the victims of Japan’s recent earthquake that everything happens for a reason. Tell someone who has … Read More

ErinEverything Does Not Happen for a Reason

More Questions Than Answers

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Last night I dreamed that captors were  going to cut out my tongue and sew my lips shut. I covered my mouth with my hands but then worried about the fate of my fingers, as if by showing them my captors would remember my ability to write and thwart that too. I woke up exhausted but frantically fought against tumbling … Read More

ErinMore Questions Than Answers

More Grains, Less You?

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I am Sam was on tv last night and never having seen it before I decided that I needed to put an end to the outrageous exclamations of, “OMFG THAT’S THE BEST MOVIE EVER, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!!” So I watched it, and even though I think some parts were cut out to make it tv-length appropriate, it was … Read More

ErinMore Grains, Less You?

Awakening Truth

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Although there are several titles I have saved up in my head that I would like to purchase, instead I bought a young adult novel today at Chapters called The Whole Truth. I came across the title on, the silhouette and bold colours catching my eye. Then of course, I saw Kit Pearson as the author and it was … Read More

ErinAwakening Truth

School Woes Continued

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On my walk home from the grocery store tonight I saw an orange Toyota with a British Columbia license plate. Whenever I see a plate from BC I silently wail, “Why did you come here?!” It’s my dream to escape out to BC and go to school at the University of British Columbia. It has the best writing program in … Read More

ErinSchool Woes Continued

The World Keeps Spinning

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Life is so strange. We go through our days expecting the familiar, sticking with our routines and time passes and then every once in a while we get caught off guard. I’d met Darlene’s older sister at Darlene’s funeral nine years ago but we didn’t really talk then because we were so distraught. Nine years later she reached out to … Read More

ErinThe World Keeps Spinning