Making Wishes to Fight Depression

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Sometimes all treatments for depression have their limits. Even when we’re doing all the things we can like exercising, eating well, taking our medication, going to therapy, hanging out with our pets, and doing self-care, we can still feel depressed and stuck. Lately, I’ve felt depressed and stuck and really fucking sick of winter. Honestly, why does winter start with … Read More

ErinMaking Wishes to Fight Depression

April Fools’ Fun

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I’ve had the most ridiculous day. I was out of coffee this morning; I messed up the scheduling for two appointments; my little sister pranked me, telling me we were having a last minute extended family lunch and I totally fell for it; and then I had a giant crying spell around 4pm, for the fourth day in a row. Then … Read More

ErinApril Fools’ Fun

Gift Time!

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 Merry Christmas, happy holidays, yay boxing day! Gift time! I made you a playlist of videos on YouTube called Security Blanket, based on my own playlist of comforting songs that I listen to when I am sad. I hope these songs bring you comfort. If you don’t like one, skip to the next! There are ten videos total. I use … Read More

ErinGift Time!

Free Printables!

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Free stuff is good for your mental health. I haven’t bought gift tags for years because the internet is such a great source for printable goodies. Here’s some links to downloadable tags if you’re wrapping presents last-minute like me! Want to avoid the tape or ribbon all together? Use sticker paper from a stationery store to feed right through your … Read More

ErinFree Printables!

Share love & it grows; share sorrow & it lessens.

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I’ve had all of these tabs open for over a week, planning on posting about each one of them and today I’ve realized that this is ridiculous. It’s time for one big sharing post! Let’s start with the graphic I paired with this post. It’s been floating around Tumblr and I can’t find a source, unfortunately, but it hits the … Read More

ErinShare love & it grows; share sorrow & it lessens.

Free SCARS Download Today & Tomorrow!

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SCARS is a phenomenal book by local Cheryl Rainfield. I took it out from the library and had it finished within two days! Here’s a summary from Amazon: “Kendra, a sexual abuse survivor, cuts to cope with the pain, but she doesn’t remember the identity of who abused her. Kendra makes a friend in Meghan, and falls in love with … Read More

ErinFree SCARS Download Today & Tomorrow!

Links of Love

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So, I’m still feeling sick as hell. Great! Anyway, I haven’t been up to any genius writing these past few days but I have found some great mental health stuff online that’s informative and inspiring. Worth every…click! First of all, my new awesome friend Claire wrote about Happy Lists after reading my Happy List post from February. Her blog is … Read More

ErinLinks of Love

Happy Lists!

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February is one of the ugliest months for weather but I took advantage of the sunshine today and walked to get bubble tea this afternoon. At the bubble tea shop I wrote a letter to my friend Victorya on pug stationery. In her letter I remarked at how good my mood was, despite it being a Monday. Then I realized … Read More

ErinHappy Lists!

Twelve Days of Christmas: Links of Love!

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Thankfully, the internet is full of fascinating things to help celebrate the new year, and as part of this special week I give you some great links to start 2012 off right. Let’s warm up with Cute Overload‘s Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2011! A goose with custom sandals. You’ve been warned. Writing Your Own Personal 2012 Manifesto, with a … Read More

ErinTwelve Days of Christmas: Links of Love!

Cue Comfort

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Today is a dark and rainy Monday and I’m tossing around my apartment trying to figure out my life. The worse I feel the more I doubt my words and I keep starting letters, starting journal entries, starting posts and then fear creeps out of my stomach and starts putting me down until I can’t move. The only thing I … Read More

ErinCue Comfort