The Grinch Can’t Steal Our Hope

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Between the words of encouragement, to donations, to love pouring out at me from all angles since my last post, I feel like you have cushioned my fall. I still feel downright awful, but I am not alone because you are here. We are in this together. What we have here is stronger than depression. It is stronger than loss. … Read More

ErinThe Grinch Can’t Steal Our Hope

Anemia: Part Two

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I feel like a deflated balloon on the bottom of a heap of garbage. This anemia problem is really getting old. I felt better for a short time after taking iron supplements. After a few weeks, however, my stomach couldn’t handle so much burning each time I took an iron pill. My indigestion became so bad that I couldn’t even … Read More

ErinAnemia: Part Two

When it’s Hard to Reach Out

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I wish I could reach out to at least one of you when I’m in a crisis. I know it’s hard for you, my friends and family, to receive my call from the Emergency room, but that’s how these things play out for me. After twelve years of suicidal feelings, I still feel ashamed to ask for help, and the … Read More

ErinWhen it’s Hard to Reach Out

I Miss You

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I must admit that things are pretty crappy right now. I can count my current woes on my fingers but I still feel some secret hope that I can’t quite identify. Perhaps it is spring. Today we’re back into daylight savings time, thank God. That is a sure sign of spring, isn’t it? It’s something we can trust. I keep … Read More

ErinI Miss You

Incompetency in the ER

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When I finish a journal I usually flip back through the entries to reflect on what I’ve been through since I started writing in it. Last night I came across an entry I’d written after leaving the ER one night. It was by far one of my worst experiences there. In this instance from February 2010, I had gone to … Read More

ErinIncompetency in the ER