Good-Bye Smarch, Hello Smapril

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Yay I’m writing!! *HUGS* It isn’t Smarch anymore, it’s Smapril, but you officially have my permission to add make up your own words (or steal from The Simpsons) until it stops snowing. Smarch sucked! And Smapril is off to a crappy start, but hey, we’re still here. Today’s post is all about finding the small things to keep you going … Read More

ErinGood-Bye Smarch, Hello Smapril

Why I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers

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I feel alone and invisible a lot. It’s part of having depression and I think it’s also part of just who I am. I spend so much time in my head that I forget to interact with the outside world, and then when I don’t have any interaction for a while, I feel like no one notices me. When really, … Read More

ErinWhy I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers

Hello, I’m Here

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I’m here! This feels like a miracle. I’ve been struggling a lot to function at a bare minimum. About four days ago my Internet died at home and I’ve been too depressed to do anything about it. But tonight, finally, I dragged myself to Tim Hortons and connected to their Wi-Fi and now I am blogging. YES! I know I’m … Read More

ErinHello, I’m Here

I Hate My Life and I Love My Life

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Raise your hand if your life is going as planned. Anyone? If I’ve learned anything from having depression, writing this blog, from living all thirty years of my life so far, it’s that things don’t go as planned. Life is screwed up! It’s unpredictable for all of us. I think half of our suffering comes from our expectations that things … Read More

ErinI Hate My Life and I Love My Life

We Are All Constantly Changing

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Lately my life feels so messy, like pieces of me are just spilling all over into places I never intended for them to go. I feel like I’m giving too much in places and not enough in others; I feel like my body is betraying my mind and that my mind is shattering into pieces. I’m crying more and sharing … Read More

ErinWe Are All Constantly Changing

Depression and Migraine Update

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I haven’t felt like myself for over a month now. My depression and migraines¬†seem to be ricocheting off each other, playing a game of “Let’s explode Erin’s head!” The migraine pain is seriously cutting in on me doing my favourite activities. Strain on my eyes makes my head ache even worse, so I’m avoiding using my laptop, watching movies, reading, … Read More

ErinDepression and Migraine Update

I’m Struggling With My Depression

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I’m struggling. I need to tell you what’s going on because I think writing about it will help. I’ll follow-up in the next few posts with some of the simple yet effective ways I’m self-nurturing to get through my days, things that might work for you, too. The first (and honestly most upsetting) recent trigger for my worsened depression is … Read More

ErinI’m Struggling With My Depression

“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

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I am so miserable today! And I was yesterday too, and the day before that. I am in a serious rut. If this blog is brought to you by Erin (me), any period of silence on here is brought to you by anxiety and negative self talk. Listen to the messages I’ve told myself lately: “I hate my life.” “My … Read More

Erin“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

Pets for PTSD

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I have seen far too much. I struggle to put my memories into words because the memories feel corrosive, dangerous, and unpredictable. By stringing words together to describe my hell, I’m afraid that the resulting sentences will make my laptop explode. And you, dear readers, know this by now. My blog is a battlefield. And yet, my little weirdo dog … Read More

ErinPets for PTSD