Beating Depression Through Art

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I always talk about starting small when you’re overwhelmed, doing something you love even if your depression has taken the fun out of it. I’ve been feeling so awful lately that I figured it was time to put some of my own advice into practice. I decided to do the simplest art project I could think of: colouring. I found a … Read More

ErinBeating Depression Through Art

A “Good Things Jar” for 2015

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Hi Friends! Happy New Year! It’s the time to set new goals and plan for the year ahead. This year I’m totally doing the Good Things jar again for 2015 because my jar for 2014 was a total success. Why was it a success? Because even on my bad days I didn’t smash the thing. Yay! At the beginning of … Read More

ErinA “Good Things Jar” for 2015

What “Good Things?”

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I have a headache big enough to wipe out my entire block. It’s been here all week, but the last two days have resulted in excruciating pain. My eyeballs hurt, my teeth hurt. I’m rotating ice packs so that there’s always a cold one ready when this one thaws out. My “Good Things” jar mocks me from my counter top. … Read More

ErinWhat “Good Things?”

A “Good Things” Jar for 2014

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Last January I saw a project on Pinterest that involved making a jar to hold good memories for the year. From January 1st to December 31st, you were supposed to write down good things on pieces of paper, fold them up and stick them in the jar, so that on New Years Eve, you could look back on all the … Read More

ErinA “Good Things” Jar for 2014