An In-Between Post!

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My last post on self-injury knocked the wind out of me. I’ve been writing the follow up post for over a week, but my emotions are building me up and knocking me down. I can’t talk about the reasons not to self-injure without examining the reasons I started self-injuring to begin with. And that’s overwhelming. I feel like the next … Read More

ErinAn In-Between Post!

Thank You!

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In my last blog post I wrote about being desperately broke yet needing money to renew our domain name, remove ads from the site, and then pay off my zine photocopy expenses. I spoke of saving up for a laptop with any extra money so that I can write blog posts on the go. I was so shocked by your … Read More

ErinThank You!

Thank You! Zine Pre-Orders Open

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I woke up from a nightmare this morning to feel the sun on my face. Without even opening my eyes I recognized its warmth, and with a stretch that cracked several bones in my body, I reached out my foot while opening my eyes and pulled the blind down enough with my toes so that it rolled up toward the … Read More

ErinThank You! Zine Pre-Orders Open

Writer’s Regret

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In writing this blog, I go through cycles of being proud to being unsure to being downright confused. Today I’m confused about my responsibility as both a writer and a human being. My last post was a giant warning to my readers to avoid a faux documentary called A Necessary Death. I received two comments from readers, one on WordPress … Read More

ErinWriter’s Regret

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to us!! To Woo! One year old. And as promised, my blog layout is updated with many new features including an updated photo, a sidebar that’s much more fun, and a drop down menu at the top of the page. I’m actually going to be tinkering with things for a bit still, so it’s not written in … Read More

ErinHappy Birthday!

Blog Under Construction!

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In just over one week, Daisies and Bruises will turn one year old! I am so excited about this! Over the next week I’ll be adding tons of goodies to the site to make Daisies and Bruises a healing destination full of inspiration! So, until then, the site is under construction. If you visit the blog it will most likely … Read More

ErinBlog Under Construction!

100 Feelings

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On the 100th day of school in Grade One we had to bring in 100 items of our choosing. I brought 100 pieces of popcorn. I don’t know if I ate the popcorn after, but probably not because everyone touched it while counting. This is my 100th post. Yay! I would never¬† have guessed that I’d written that many but … Read More

Erin100 Feelings

Housekeeping & Snail Self-Talk

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Isn’t that a rad typewriter? It’s my sister’s, even though I’ve tried to get her to sell it to me a zillion times. I thought it was fitting for this post because those little yellow snails on the top are my various negative-self-talk voices. “You suck!” – snail on the far right “This is way too depressing to post.” – … Read More

ErinHousekeeping & Snail Self-Talk

It’s Moving Week

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Whoa, quiet on the blog front! What’s up with that? (Thanks, Natalie Dee!) That’s right, this week is my big move week! I’m moving to a new apartment! So, it’s gonna be uncharacteristically quiet until probably Monday or Tuesday of next week, but get ready for some goodies coming your way then in surprising forms. Until then, if you’re still … Read More

ErinIt’s Moving Week

What I’m Learning So Far

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This blog now has seventeen posts, 39 comments and 12 subscribers. It has a piece of me woven into every word, sweat in every sentence and tears in every term. In short, this blog has become my life. So far it has taught me many things, these being the top: 1. I have more friends than I thought I did … Read More

ErinWhat I’m Learning So Far