My Final Post on Daisies and Bruises

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This is an immensely difficult post for me to write. The time has come for me to say good-bye to Daisies and Bruises. The recent break in to my apartment has changed my trust in the world in a way that will take a long time to heal. As a result of that incident, I no longer have the tools I once … Read More

ErinMy Final Post on Daisies and Bruises

The Grinch Can’t Steal Our Hope

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Between the words of encouragement, to donations, to love pouring out at me from all angles since my last post, I feel like you have cushioned my fall. I still feel downright awful, but I am not alone because you are here. We are in this together. What we have here is stronger than depression. It is stronger than loss. … Read More

ErinThe Grinch Can’t Steal Our Hope

Please Support This Blog

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Hi friends! March is the month our domain expires and it’s time I ask for a little help funding this home of ours. If this blog helps you, inspires you, and makes you feel a little less alone, please consider a small or big donation. All funds go directly to maintaining this website! Here’s the button. Push it! Sharing this … Read More

ErinPlease Support This Blog

Please Wait for Me

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Waiting is not something the Internet does very well, but I am asking you to wait for me because I am coming back. I am coming back in huge ways and I promise not to leave you behind. What we’ve had here on Daisies and Bruises is magical. You’ve helped me, I’ve helped you, we’ve talked about depression together, breaking … Read More

ErinPlease Wait for Me

The Art of Living With a Depression Blog

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I need to update with what’s going on in my head even though I have no idea what to do with it all. Ever since my videos with HealthiNation won an Emmy, the traffic to my blog has skyrocketed. It’s wonderful but man, I never intended for things to get this big! When this was just one blog out of kajillions, … Read More

ErinThe Art of Living With a Depression Blog

I Can’t Give Personal Mental Health Advice!

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In the past few weeks I’ve received a ton of comments on my posts asking for my advice or requesting personal support through email, snail mail, or through other sources. On average I’ve been receiving these requests about four per day. I cannot counsel you because I’m still healing my own mental health. I need you to know that I’m using … Read More

ErinI Can’t Give Personal Mental Health Advice!

Change Takes Practice (P.S. I’m Rich)

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Holy blog posts, Erin! What is happening?! Exactly what happens on a real life, real person blog: Emotion. Real life. Daisies and Bruises. On Monday I posted asking for help from you. Two days later, I am full to the brim with negative self-talk that emotion spills onto my blog: GUILT. So this morning I posted, “Nevermind, I shouldn’t have … Read More

ErinChange Takes Practice (P.S. I’m Rich)

Creating My Financial Cocoon Safely

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I’ve received a few generous donations in response to my last post. THANK YOU. With the money you donated, I can now buy groceries for April. This is no small feat. THANK YOU. I feel your unconditional support and it gives me comfort. The experience of asking you for help has taught me that I need to work more mindfully. I’m … Read More

ErinCreating My Financial Cocoon Safely

Help Is Hope: Support This Blog

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What’s the difference between a breakdown and a breakthrough? Whatever it is, I’m having one. It hurts a lot. But I think…I think the difference between a breakdown and a breakthrough is what you do with the pain. I keep trying to post this – I have since December – but the pressure keeps building in the form of good … Read More

ErinHelp Is Hope: Support This Blog

Please Fill Out My Blog Post Topic Poll

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Hi friends! I always have a million blog post ideas, so many that I don’t know which to write about first. Please fill out my poll so I know what you’re most interested in reading. You can click as many options as you’d like! If a topic doesn’t interest you, just skip it. :) What Blog Post Topics Are You … Read More

ErinPlease Fill Out My Blog Post Topic Poll