Naming Your Feelings to Own Them

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I feel so sad. I feel so angry. I feel so hopeless. I feel broken and alone and fucking frightened. I feel tired. I feel frustrated. I feel confused. I feel forgotten. I feel lonely. I feel hungry. I feel exhausted.

I know the reasons behind these feelings. I could explain the reasons for the rest of my life. Some reasons overlap, some aren’t fair. Most aren’t fair.

Sometimes working out the reasons behind my feelings make me feel worse, though. I mean, if you’re feeling something you don’t want to feel, putting it under a microscope can be the last thing you want to do.

So don’t. Or give yourself a break from it for a day.

I feel so many horrible things and it’s allowed. No one has to fix it for me. No one can fix it for me. Just let me feel these things. I feel them and they’re real and pretending they aren’t is an injustice.

Comment below with how you’re feeling (or write your feelings somewhere else if online doesn’t feel like the best platform). See if you can do so without explaining your feelings. Just own them. See if naming your feelings helps those feelings change.

I am so fucking far from okay but that’s okay. We can handle it. Let’s handle it together.

Love Erin


ErinNaming Your Feelings to Own Them

20 Comments on “Naming Your Feelings to Own Them”

  1. Juli


    I have been thinking of you often and await your new posts on your blog, hoping good things will soon come your way.

    I have been sad too. Sad that the one person I thought I could trust not to hurt me did exactly that and in the worst way. Disappointed that my relationship didn’t work out. Disgusted that he just wants to keep stringing me along and up to this point I have let him. Hopeless that I will ever find someone who will love me enough to want to marry me and be accepting of my family. Inadequate in my professional life as well as my personal life. I cry so much that I give myself migraines and make myself physically ill. I’m tired of hurting.

  2. Dave

    I feel alone, helpless and afraid. But when I see a new post from you I know that there is someone, not some psychiatrist, who understands why without me having to explain it.

  3. Hanna

    I feel different and wrong, like I’m not supposed to be how I am. I feel disgusted and ashamed and completely confused as to why I am the way I am. I feel scared of myself and scared of the future. I feel isolated, undeserving and like giving up.

  4. Mahalia

    I feel so many ups and downs. Confused, ashamed and inadequate. but hopeful. I feel deeply afraid sometimes and bursting with confidence others. I feel infatuated and troubled by this. I feel guilt. I feel intense love and devotion.

    It is a cacophony of feeling. I love this blog. I feel warmth towards you for the gift of it

  5. Haxwell

    It’s one of those times when it’s like I’m supposed to be nervous but there’s nothing around to worry about. :D

  6. Vicki

    I feel badly that you are still stuck in this cycle. You say you know why you are sad and angry. Well own those feelings, label them, face them then put them away. Don’t let them rule you, rule them. You’re a strong woman. Accept your mental state, get some medication and therapy and then choose to be happy. Certainly you can get some joy from the beautiful day, from the good food you can enjoy, from the simple beauty of laughter. Life is what you make it. Depression is a horrible disease but take away its power to stop you in your tracks and withdraw.
    Contact me if you like. My son suffers from mental Illness. I know how sadly life changing it can be. You’re stronger than your disease

  7. Didi

    I feel hopeless. I feel tired. I feel smothered. I feel angry. I feel like this monster will be in my life forever.
    Thank You Erin for your brave post.

  8. Lissy

    I feel overwhelmed with how many people feel the same way as me.
    Overwhelmed with life,
    I feel sick at how in debt I am
    I feel exhausted, emotionally and physically
    I feel useless
    I feel alone and lonely
    I feel unloved and unloveable
    I feel inadequate in every aspect of my life
    I feel threatened
    I feel pressured
    I feel reeeeeally angry
    I feel guilty
    I feel despair and hopeless
    I feel suicidal
    I feel like I’m dragging myself up a mountain with two broken legs
    I feel there is never and never will be any light at the end of the tunnel.

    I feel like this everyday and have done for about 10 years, and yet I’m still going and I’m still alive. I couldn’t tell you how but somewhere somehow our fight or flight must have a stronger fight than we realise.

    Keep fighting Erin, we’re all fighting with you.

  9. dont ask

    I feel like I’ve made it too many days to give up now. But I’m tired, and I’m a bit drunk. And all I want to do is cut myself because I feel like I don’t know how to express emotions in a healthy way. And I feel like the girl I used to date, and see all the time, does know how to. And that makes me feel like shit. And it makes me feel like shit that I don’t give more of a shit about how I feel. I wake up most days and at some point during that day I want to die. I imagine myself hanging from a noose on telephone poles, or getting slammed by a car in an intersection on my way home from work.

    And I’m “fine.” That’s what scares me. I’ve made it about 14 months now. I can fucking wake up wanting to end my life, and I can go to class. I can work on assignments. I can function. But I’m a fucking disaster inside. And I don’t know what will come next and what will break me wide open.

    And everyday I’m like this I worry about this being the rest of my life. And not because that’s how I’d have to feel for the rest of my life, but because that’s what I did with the rest of my life. I’ve grown up in a life of privilege, going to a good college. There is so much that has been invested in me throughout the course of my life. If I can’t pay it forward I’m a fucking joke.

    I just feel like a dysfunctional asshole who can;’t express emotions, will never have a healthy relationship, and who has the ability to stay alive but won’t actually don anything of value with that gift.


    1. Vicki

      You know why you feel crappy. Well that’s half the battle. Own those feelings, face them. Then decide if you want them to own you.

      Think about that. Do you want to feel that way? Of course you don’t. Then own the feelings,face the feelings then put them aside, not in front of you.

      Look at the glass half full for a change. Did you wake up to the most glorious November day? It’s full of sunshine and warmth, amazing. Did you wake up in a comfortable bed in a warm house filled with food and all your favourite things? You have safety and security.
      Do you have a job to go to? You have independence and freedom. Do you have friends and your physical health? You have the greatest gift of all

      Life isn’t a wild, thrill a minute ride. It’s ups and downs and sometimes plain boring. But it’s life, a wonderful gift that you are pushing aside so you can feel miserable. Think about it. That’s the choice you are making.

      I challenge you to find one good thing in your life today. It’s there. You just have to see it.
      You’re smart and strong. I know you can do it

  10. Porsha

    I feel forgotten. Your words radiate with me. Those three words are the ones I’ve been searching for.

    I feel forgotten.

  11. E

    I feel like I don’t know how to feel anymore. I feel like I feel too much in all of the worst ways. I feel numb to life, yet in agony at every waking second I am wasting of it. I’m 22 and alone and feel that I always have and always will be. I don’t know at what point my inner thoughts became so imbalanced and I became so dysfunctional. On the outside I am ‘normal’ and ‘fine’ and perhaps that’s the worst part of it all – no one can see me. You’re right, I feel forgotten. I have run through all of the above comments and can feel every last one of them. And when I realised that I could feel these words as though they were my own, I realised that I couldn’t possibly be alone and there is something to be said of that. Thank you for not making me feel so afraid.

  12. Shira

    I think for people who do not experience depression so consistently or deeply it is hard to comprehend what it really feels like. I appreciate you sharing what that is in an unfiltered way. I hope it gets better for you.

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