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March is the month our domain expires and it’s time I ask for a little help funding this home of ours.

If this blog helps you, inspires you, and makes you feel a little less alone, please consider a small or big donation. All funds go directly to maintaining this website!

Here’s the button. Push it!

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Sharing this blog post helps too, as does sharing a link to Daisies and Bruises whenever possible.

I really appreciate the support. THANK YOU!

Yours in camaraderie, survival, hope and a million better tomorrows,


ErinPlease Support This Blog

5 Comments on “Please Support This Blog”

  1. Allison

    You don’t have to give up antidepressants to get your migraines under control. Have you tried ketamine infusions? They work for both! Check out my Facebook page and website
    We may not be close but these infusions are available all over the country now and they are perfect for people with depression and migraines- in fact after the infusion is over, other than having relief from depression, there are minimal side effects.
    I’d love to write a guest blog post or otherwise talk to you and your blog followers more about this amazing treatment!

  2. DV

    Hi Erin, I came across your blog and migraines. Have you visited a neuromuscular dentist? Not many people know this but they can effectively treat migraines. Please contact me and I would be happy to share the information, or look up a NM dentist on LVIGLOBAL.COM to find one in your area. Cheers.

  3. Maria

    Hi Erin,

    I appreciate your blog. I stumbled acrossed it the other day. I like that you have stated how you have lost your youth to severe depression. I am only 21 and am trying to not let that happen to me anymore than it already has. Do you have any advice?


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