Why I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers

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Why I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers

If you got one of these from me, it’s a good thing!

I feel alone and invisible a lot. It’s part of having depression and I think it’s also part of just who I am.

I spend so much time in my head that I forget to interact with the outside world, and then when I don’t have any interaction for a while, I feel like no one notices me. When really, people are probably noticing me and I’m just unaware.

Only a few things will break me out of my “alone and invisible” spell. One of those things is when another person who appears to be having a rough day. It’s usually a stranger I see on the bus or sitting alone at a coffee shop.

Yet I want to respect the other person and their silence.  I know that when I’m feeling awful, I don’t usually want to talk to people I don’t know. Sometimes I actually want to be invisible. If a stranger were to talk to me at that moment I’d probably be very startled. So when I see another person who appears to be having a hard time I want to give them their space.

Here’s where it gets difficult because that’s the only time where I want to talk to people! I mean, I have to, I have to say SOMETHING because I feel like we’re related. Like we’re both from another planet that most people don’t know or talk about. Planet Depression. Planet Pain.

That’s when I hand out a Daisies and Bruises button. It’s me wanting to respect the person’s space and privacy while still giving them the message that they aren’t invisible to me.

I never stick around long enough to find out what the other person thinks. I shove the button into someone’s hands before making my exit.

Is that the right thing? I probably shouldn’t run from situations where I want to connect with someone. I’m too scared though. 

Does it help when I give out buttons? I have no idea.

Do people notice the a website on the button and think I’m some do-gooder who is promoting a service? Maybe. But here’s the TRUTH:

I make my buttons by hand. I make the design, use a circle press to punch it out, and then I put it through my small button maker, which both laminates the paper with mylar and presses it over a metal shell. I pop it out of the button maker and I stick the copper pin in the back of the shell. Finished!

I could send my design to a factory that could do all that repetitive work for me, but I like making my buttons one at a time. My hands touching my work so I can then hand it to you.

It’s personal. Daisies and Bruises is just a blog by a girl who has depression. I don’t run ads here because I’m doing this to help people, not market to them. I’m a writer, an artist, a fellow invisible-feeling sad person. Buttons make me happy. I hope my button makes you happy.

If you’re one of those people who found my blog through me giving you a button, and you’re so inclined, please do comment and let me know what you think.





P.S. Yes, the buttons are available here if you really want one. If you order a Daisies and Bruises button, you get an additional one in the envelope for free so you can share one with a friend, too.

ErinWhy I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers

11 Comments on “Why I Hand Out Daisies and Bruises Buttons to Strangers”

  1. stancie

    Erin, once again your blog is speaking volumes to me right now. Your feelings are my exact feelings. I really enjoy reading it. Thank you for sharing your world with me and others. Trust me I know how hard it is to open up about depression.

  2. Jemma

    Speaking for someone who often feels invisible, and still works very hard to stay out in public at a coffee shop or somewhere similar to try SO hard at even ONE small thing when I’m feeling dark, I would be overjoyed to get a button!
    I can see it drop on my little table by my books and my coffee cup. I can see you leave without speaking a word. And I can feel a warmth, where I once was so cold, that tells me another human being understands.
    Please keep handing out buttons! With them you hand out hope.

  3. Liz Maybank

    Just wanted to say how much I liked your blog. I’m also a long term ‘sufferer’ (sorry, I don’t like the word as I don’t like being a victim!) I was thinking of starting a blog myself and you have given me inspiration!
    Stay well!

  4. J

    Dear Erin, just wanted to reply about the “alone and invisible” feeling. To me, it is very important that you are there. I’ve never met you, I’m not depressed, but your strength within and through your struggle touches me deeply and I am grateful that you exist. You aren’t invisible or forgotten. Thank you for keeping going, with such extraordinary compassion and steadfastness. I hope you will have a peaceful Christmas, touched by grace.

  5. Melody

    This is SO great! Thanks you for ministering to others about what you are going through. I know that you are blessing others through your words. If you could check out my blog that would mean SO much to me!
    http://llife4christ.blogspot.com/ I hope you life and feel free to give advice.
    Blessings to you!
    Melody <3

  6. Natasha

    I love that you hand out buttons! I think it’s a beautiful idea to hopefully share some light with others. I can’t speak for everyone but I know if somebody handed me a button it would brighten my day and I would definitely visit your website. Thank you for your posts! xoxox

  7. Nikki

    That moment when you realise you can still see/feel beauty in the world… What a sacred gift you are to the universe, Erin. Thank you for your beautiful post.

  8. Marsha

    Hello, I was surfing the net trying to get ideas to help my friend who just got diagnosed and I came upon your blog. It is beautiful that you give out buttons and simultaneously, hope. Sometimes even a smile invigorates the next guy. I love how you never know what tomorrow may bring so hang in there.

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