How to Be Strong

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We can take care of ourselves and feel strong in this dangerous world. We’re all feeling scared as hell. (Ignore my shitty formatting here and read the good stuff)

One of my good friends and I have been talking about how childhood trauma prepares us for oncoming trauma, which we’re never ready for. Part of growing up in an earthquake is learning how to stay steady on your own.

Here’s what I know:

How to Be Strong

  • Recognize your strength. You can’t feel strong without accepting that you have strength. It takes strength to exist. If you’re existing, you are strong. Even if your depression coping skills could use some work, you’re still coping the best you can. Literally, I never started feeling strong until I accepted the fact that I could be much stronger than I feel. Ask someone who supports you how they think you are strong. They’ll give you a bunch of reasons if you can’t find them yourself!
  • Let Yourself Feel. I thought I was coping okay with all of the bad news in the world but today I surprised myself by breaking down crying. Crying never feels practical. It’s like this giant human inconvenience that saves us. I felt SO MUCH BETTER after crying. If you feel like being strong is hiding your emotions, think about this: what would happen to the violence in the world if everyone could sit down and cry? Literally all the violence would stop.
  • Don’t Hurt Yourself or Anyone Else. Even if you can’t see your strength or safely let yourself feel, hurting yourself only makes you weaker. You can’t be strong if you’re attacking yourself. The world hurts us badly enough without us resorting to hurting ourselves or hurting other people.
  • Do Your Thing And Trust It. Recognize that you can’t be perfect. I’m honestly feeling like a jerk right now because I literally know over 150 people in France and I haven’t talked with them in a long time. I am worried sick. Realistically today, though, what can I do? I can write. I can let them know I’m thinking of them. I can keep myself safe to promote a safe world. I can stop beating myself up for the things I can’t do and start doing things that I can do.

Tomorrow is never promised, but the best way to predict our tomorrow is to take care of ourselves and each other for today.


ErinHow to Be Strong

11 Comments on “How to Be Strong”

  1. Jess

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been feeling a bit more weak than usual lately.I’ve been clean for 3 weeks and my whole body aches because of it and I just want to cry. I feel stupid for letting myself down. Your posts give me some hope. I appreciate you so much.:)

    1. Erin

      Hi Jess,
      I’m glad my posts help you a bit! Being clean for three weeks is a huge accomplishment and a huge fight and I think you’re incredible for making it this far. Thanks for reading along and commenting!

  2. Zack

    Very insightful post. I always find that recognizing one’s own strengths is one of the hardest things to do. Even making the attempt can be hard some times. Thank you for your posts. They are a continuous source of inspiration.

  3. Kati

    I’ve been waiting for this (patiently)! It’s good to read something from you. Thank you for your insight.

  4. Austin

    Hey, I wanted to ask with which template you made this blog :o (bad english cuz german)
    I want to start blogging but I do not find any nice designs or websites

  5. Nick Stokes

    Hey, Erin! Just wanted to say thanks for the post. Really powerful stuff on being strong! Thanks and stay strong yourself.

  6. Dee

    I found this blog in a moment of desperate need. Thank you for your words and your art. I think you are making a big difference for people, at least, you have for me.

  7. jessica

    Dear Erin,

    What a truly magical and beautiful blog. I have spent hours scrolling through your material and admiring your artwork. I was drawn to this post in particular as I have been writing about the effects of trauma in infancy/childhood. Insecure childhoods leads to us adopting unhealthy ways of relating to others in order to protect ourselves. I was a master at this:) I would love to hear you feedback about my poems:

  8. Sry

    Hello! I think your blog is really inspiring, and I started my own, just writing nonsense on how I feel. So, I guess it might be healthy and good, and I think you sharing your story is amazing. Your blog makes me feel kinda better.

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