I Can’t Give Personal Mental Health Advice!

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I'm Removing My Email Address to Protect Myself from Triggers4In the past few weeks I’ve received a ton of comments on my posts asking for my advice or requesting personal support through email, snail mail, or through other sources. On average I’ve been receiving these requests about four per day.

I cannot counsel you because I’m still healing my own mental health. I need you to know that I’m using all my emotional energy to focus on my own recovery. Please read this post of mine to learn more about why I can’t give you personal advice. 

I understand that this blog and videos I’ve done can make me sound like I have my life together and I’m this super high functioning mental health advocate, but in reality I’m dealing with the weight of my own depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other ailments.

I’m currently really struggling with chronic pain and I’ve temporarily abandoned my Facebook and email inbox. I am really overwhelmed and especially with my inability to work at this time, I am beyond broke. The stress from all of this is draining me completely.

Lastly, I really really love the support you’ve been showing me through my Etsy shop, but I also cannot fill custom orders at this time. This includes inquiries about ordering my crafts in bulk amounts. I can barely make it to the post office. PLEASE do not contact me via Etsy conversations to counsel you with your mental health. My Etsy shop is for sales only.

I love all of you and truly wish I could do more to help you personally, but trained mental health care workers can and will help you more than I ever could. Visit my Help Page for links to an organization or website that can help you. If you’ve tried one service and you didn’t find it helpful, try another. Keep trying! It’s worth it. You’re worth it.


ErinI Can’t Give Personal Mental Health Advice!

17 Comments on “I Can’t Give Personal Mental Health Advice!”

  1. kinnery

    thanks for your vulnerability, erin! it can be difficult to say no to unhealthy things, so i’m proud of you (and inspired by you!) when you set healthy boundaries like this.

    1. Erin

      Hey Kinnery!
      I’ve been so busy feeling guilty for not being a better superhero that I didn’t realize that setting these boundaries are a healthy thing! Thank you for using that word and helping me feel better. You rock my socks forever!
      Love Erin

  2. Lindsay

    Keep going Erin. You have a strong and kind spirit. Our struggles will in time make us stronger. Through my darkest days I always felt like I was drowning in the weight of my emotional and physical pain. The good days no matter how few and far between are our small victories. Keep smiling Erin because your smile is infectious! Take care!

    Your friend from Edmonton,

  3. Jan

    Hi Erin,
    Its Jan here. I totally get what your saying .I want to say that you did a great job identifying and setting your bounderies. That is huge and hard work.

    I see your blog as a place that offers support in a way that says this is what I’m dealing\dealt with, you’re not alone. and maybe some of my ways might work for you. But not a substitute for professional help.

    It’s difficult you right now Erin, but i care . I am in your corner Go Erin!

    1. Erin

      Hey Jan,

      Haha, thank you so much! I’m just laughing thinking about anyone cheering, “Go Erin!” Thanks so much for your support and understanding right now, and always!


  4. J

    Erin, I never have the right words, but I really respect you and I do care.
    You do an amazing job of finding the right way to say difficult things.
    Take your time and the space you need, and don’t worry.

  5. andrea

    I’m so so sorry to hear how overwhelming things are right now. I can see why people reach out to you. Your empathy is instantly noticeable, and people are drawn to it. You are very right to set limits and I’m sure people will understand. You’re helping them still, but in a different way! Proud of you, as always.

    1. Erin

      Hey Andrea,
      Thank you so much! I think by setting limits everything is going to feel more in control and I will be less overwhelmed. Gah, your comment makes me feel so great. You’re the bestest pal. I’m proud of you, too. <3
      Love Erin

  6. Elizabeth

    Wow so proud of you Erin for honouring where you are and setting healthy boundaries for yourself. I wish you well as you continue on your journey of healing. Hugs xo

    1. Erin

      Hey Elizabeth,
      Thank you so much! These are healthy boundaries! I’ve been feeling so guilty about it instead of giving myself credit. But yeah, I hope by setting boundaries I can help others do the same, in their own ways. *hugs*

  7. Mar

    you’re really strong <3 you already did a lot for me just by writing this blog. I wish you all the best.

  8. Helen

    Hi Erin,
    Well said. You should be proud of yourself for setting boundaries. I ‘second’ everyone that has said that. Look after yourself. You give a lot to people, it’s important that you keep something for yourself. Rest easy.
    Helen :-)

  9. Allison

    So sorry you are struggling. Your blog always manages to pop up at the right time for me. Your strength in the struggles has always been inspiring to me. Take care of you.


  10. Major Depression

    I have one problem guys, I think I always thinking to deeper
    And it very disturb me
    For example, if I want to socialize with someone, I always think “what I must reply?” “How I will react?” “What if he/she not enjoy talk with me?”
    Anyone here can give me the reason why?

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