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Hi friends!

I always have a million blog post ideas, so many that I don’t know which to write about first.

Please fill out my poll so I know what you’re most interested in reading. You can click as many options as you’d like! If a topic doesn’t interest you, just skip it. :)

Thanks so much! You’re welcome to vote again after a week if you become interested in a topic or want to make more suggestions. I’ll check the results often.

Thank you!

Love Erin

ErinPlease Fill Out My Blog Post Topic Poll

8 Comments on “Please Fill Out My Blog Post Topic Poll”

  1. Chelsea

    Hey Erin, this is unrelated to the post but I wanted to write a quick note to give you some encouragement. You’ve been doing such a fantastic job with this blog. I really enjoy reading about your experiences and ideas. I’ve even been a little inspired to do some collage and get back into artistic pursuits. Thank you for sharing yourself – that takes a lot of courage and I wanted to say you’ve had a positive influence on me in my own struggles. Thank you! <3

  2. Marta

    Hi Erin,
    Thank you for this. The ‘other’ box doesn’t leave much space so I’ll note here…
    just that one of the things that’s so lovely about your blog is getting a sense of you and where you are; I would find it sad if it were too driven by what other people are thinking of, rather than what’s on _your_ mind and where _you_ are.
    Secondly, the poll allows no system for differentiating between first and second choices. When I filled it in, I only ticked a few of them. I’m interested in all of them! That was just the only way I could pick out some as ‘first’ choice.
    Look after yourself, and thank you for being you.

  3. Nicile

    You’ve become my best friend. I have no one to relate to. Then I found you. I just wanted to tell you I truely love you. This is about my fourth trial and error with medicine and I thinn I’ve found what I need. I go to therapy once a week and couple counseling w my awesome fiancé once a week. I’d love to hear more about how you deal with the stigma of the disease. I started a new job and would love to hear your opinion on how people like me can cope with having to call off of work because of a depression or anxiety day or how to explain what’s happening to me to a friend. Lots of love and hugs and kisses!!!! Thank you so much for everything you do for me!

  4. Mary Ann

    Hi Erin. A friend who also suffers from depression posted your blog on depression and eating on fb today & I read it as I was eating a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast because I couldn’t make myself go to the store yesterday for groceries. And because it’s all I wanted to eat. Thanks for writing it.
    I’m 71 and have been battling this also since I was a child. I’ve had a full and crazy life, but it seems like the cumulative effects of being bipolar and meds and aging are growing harder.
    I’m glad you’re out there helping people. It’s easier knowing we’re not alone.

  5. Katy

    Hey, unrelated to this post but just wanted to say you’re an inspiration! I’ve wanted to set up my own website for a while doing similar things, living with depression and tips etc but I have no idea how to do it. Your words are inspiring and life saving and I truely look up to you. I suffered myself with migraines and I had an eye test, turns out I’m light sensitive and now have tinted glasses to wear all the time which help my headaches a lot and can be worn while on the computer and driving etc. maybe worth checking out? It’s called ‘irlen syndrome’ and Its a type of dyslexia.. I was undiagnosed for 20 years and it’s nice to know the glasses help a bit. Also obvious one but stress and dehydration don’t help headaches but I’m sure you know that. Thanks for all your wisdom and caring attitude. You’re a star :)

  6. camper

    hi I have ptsd, ocd, social phobia, avoidant personality, and a couple of other things.
    oh …. and all of this has been treatment resistant. so I would like to hear about medications and their side effects. I do not want to take any more in fear of side effects. tar dive dyskinesia is scary for one. thanks.

  7. Bill

    Thank you for being out here and sharing your life. I have always felt like an outsider in life. Part of a group of friends but always feeling outside. I am in the middle of one of the worst depressive cycles of my life. It is nice to know that there are other people out there who are going through this journey. I feel a little less outside… Thank you for your honesty. I write a lot, and want to start my own blog… I want to find a way to be of service to others dealing with depression and anxiety. I don’t know where to begin though.

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